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Dark Light Night Lovell 03:26
Still Cold / Pathway Private Night Lovell 04:31
Deira City Centre Night Lovell 03:16
Still Cold Night Lovell 03:32
HOT DEMON B!TCHES NEAR U ! ! ! Corpse, Night Lovell 01:36
Concept Nothing Night Lovell 04:08
Alone Night Lovell 02:10
JOAN OF ARC Night Lovell, $uicideboy$ 02:25
I Know Your Ways Night Lovell 03:12
Eye Spy Night Lovell 02:26

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Eye Spy

par Night Lovell


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Night Lovell is an independent-minded Canadian rapper who writes, produces, and releases his own hip-hop songs. Born as "Sherman Cuba Paul" on May 29, 1997, he was raised in Ottawa, Ontario, by an artistic family that included his father, rapper MC Renegade. It was an inspiring childhood, and Night Lovell began producing his own tracks as a teenager, initially adopting the alias "KLNV" before rechristening himself "Night Lovell" in 2013. One year later, the song "Dark Light" became a viral hit, earning more than 100 million steams and introducing his dark, moody hip-hop to an international audience. Concept Vague, his full-length debut, was self-released that same year, followed by Red Teenage Melody in 2016. Night Lovell maintained his artistic independence by refusing to work with major labels, choosing instead to release his follow-up material — including singles like 2017's "RIP Trust" — by himself. Goodnight Lovell followed in 2019, featuring 18 tracks as well as appearances by artists like Gnar and $uicideBoy$.