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Pupila ANAVITÓRIA, Vitor Kley 03:22
Lisboa ANAVITÓRIA, Lenine 03:39
Partilhar Rubel, ANAVITÓRIA 04:22
Amarelo, azul e branco ANAVITÓRIA, Rita Lee 03:21
Ai, Amor ANAVITÓRIA 03:40
Aguei ANAVITÓRIA, Jovem Dionisio 03:11
Cor De Marte ANAVITÓRIA 03:11
Porque Eu Te Amo ANAVITÓRIA 03:36
Singular ANAVITÓRIA 03:26

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Ai, Amor
Porque Eu Te Amo

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Anavitória is a Latin American folk-pop group made up of Ana Clara Caetano and Vitória Falc¦o.

The pair both hail from Araguaína, Brazil, where they met in high school. They shared a love of music and in 2014 started recording covers and putting them on YouTube. When they sent one of the songs, 'Um Dia Após o Outro' by Tiago Iorc, to the performer's manager, they inadvertently set themselves on the road to stardom. Iorc, impressed, got involved with the pair and produced their self-titled debut EP.

The success of the EP alongside the single 'Singular' prompted Ana and Vitória to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance their first full-length album, also self-titled, which they released in 2016. A tour of Brazlian cities followed and later in the year their song 'Agora Eu Quero Ir' was used in the soundtrack for the Brazilian telenovela 'Malhaç¦o'.

In 2017 the duo starred in 'Ana e Vitória', a film charting their relationship journey from their hometown to the red carpet of the Latin Grammys. The film is a semi-fictionalised account of the pair's career written and directed by Matheus Souza.

The real Latin Grammys that year also marked an important moment for Anavitória, with the group getting nominated in the Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album category with 'Anavitória' and winning the award for Best Portuguese Language Song with the song 'Trevo (Tu)', which they made with Tiago Iorc.