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Birdwoman is the dramatical character created by the Antwerp-born singer-songwriter Lara Leliane as the antihero of her third opus. The album, produced by Rudy Coclet (Arno, Simple Minds, Axelle Red), embraces different musical registers such as jazz, pop and electronic music. The songs deal with the feelings, the thoughts and above all the battle of Birdwoman. She is like one of the characters in the paintings of Paul Delvaux. She is surrounded by others and still she seems perfectly isolated. Birdwoman is hypersensitive, anxious, depressed and extremely shy. But she is also passionate, determined, euphoric, and full of poetry. She has big hopes and big dreams. She tries to relate to the world and to the people, longing for connection. Through this "chamber pop" album Lara Leliane reinvents herself once more and shows us the artist she is, that is to say, uncompromising, not remaining in one single genre, with in the center always her animated voice. The musicians playing on the album are Dominique Vantomme (keyboards, piano), Jean-François Assy(cello), Nicola Andrioli (piano), Thomas Février (piano), Christine Ott (ondes martenot) and Lorenzo Feliciati (bass).