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Blue Drag Harmonicas Of The World, Mariano Massolo, Federico Linari, Cy Leo 03:58
Rhythm Rachelle Plas 03:48
Walking For Freedom Rachelle Plas 04:12
Sweet Angel Rachelle Plas 03:59
Lights Rachelle Plas 03:20
Open Your Eyes Rachelle Plas 05:10
Melody Rachelle Plas 01:25
Your Rage Isn't Lost Rachelle Plas 03:27
You Are The One Rachelle Plas 03:53
Hors Piste Rachelle Plas 02:52

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Biographie "If I had to choose between judo and music, I´d choose music - you can build your whole life around music. " Rachelle PLAS, a Girl, her Harmonica & her Voice Rachelle Plas was a member of the France Judo team. A decisive experience which led her to become multiple times champion of France, winner of the Tournament of France and vice-world champion of this martial art. She combined her high-level sports career with the exercise of her passion - music - and her artistic activities. She complements her smooth, provocative voice with her virtuoso, refined harmonica playing. One of the best players around, she has been using the Golden Melody ever since. After many videos and millions of views on the web, she then performed in France and internationally on prestigious stages. She then devoted herself entirely to her artistic projects and released the EP "Cyclone", then the single "Open your eyes". In 2021, the singer songwriter Rachelle Plas releases her new eponymous album co-written with the artist Philippe Hervouët, the jazz-pop single "Bubbles" along with a music library dedicated to the harmonica. Rachelle Plas is the international Hohner ambassador (1st harmonica manufacturer in the world) for her favorite model the “Golden Melody”.