100% Daft Punk

A selection of the very best from the Daft Punk universe!

Titres de la playlist

Within Daft Punk 03:48
Around the World Daft Punk 07:09
Fragments of Time (feat. Todd Edwards) Daft Punk, Todd Edwards 04:39
Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo) [feat. Julian Casablancas+The Voidz] Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas, The Voidz 03:59
GLBTM (Studio Outtakes) Daft Punk 06:21
One More Time Daft Punk 05:20
Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers 06:07
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk 03:44
Da Funk Daft Punk 05:28
Robot Rock Daft Punk 04:47
Instant Crush (feat. Julian Casablancas) Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas 05:37
Revolution 909 Daft Punk 05:35
I Feel It Coming The Weeknd, Daft Punk 04:29
Lose Yourself to Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams) Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams 05:53
Around the World (Mellow Mix) Daft Punk 07:51
Touch (feat. Paul Williams) Daft Punk, Paul Williams 08:18
Technologic Daft Punk 04:44
Veridis Quo Daft Punk 05:45
Doin' it Right (feat. Panda Bear) Daft Punk, Panda Bear 04:11
Digital Love Daft Punk 05:01
Burnin' Daft Punk 06:54
Give Life Back to Music Daft Punk 04:34
Human After All Daft Punk 05:19
Robot Rock / Oh Yeah Daft Punk 06:27
Alive Daft Punk 05:16
Musique Daft Punk 06:53
Something About Us Daft Punk 03:52
Giorgio by Moroder Daft Punk 09:04
Aerodynamic Daft Punk 03:32
Television Rules the Nation Daft Punk 04:47