Nouveautés Metal

La sélection Metal de United Rock Nations

Titres de la playlist

No Gods in the Dark Knife 04:26


Go Ahead And Die 04:04
Daruma (feat. Arjen Anthony Lucassen) Temperance, Arjen Anthony Lucassen 04:23
Death of Me Lizzy Borden 03:12
The Wrath (Edit) Night Demon 05:41
The Third Fall Profanatica 04:10
The Fall of Man (feat. Roy Khan) Serenity, Roy Khan 04:12
J.'s Serenade Secret Sphere 05:52
Hesitate Another Day Dawns 03:32
Death's Forgotten Children Carnifex, Tom Barber 04:10
Privilege Till The Dirt 04:21
Taking What's Mine Pyramaze 03:58
In the Realm of Heavy Metal Iron Savior 04:27
Richter und Henker OOMPH! 04:37
Ratatoskur Skálmöld 04:29
Monolith Evile 04:12
Welcome to the Show Alice Cooper 03:36
Born of Blood Distant 03:16
Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is an Orphan Primordial 06:14
Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde Gloryhammer 05:26
Of the Abyss Lorna Shore 05:43
I Am the Devil Gothminister 04:13
Flayed The Swine


Cryptopsy 04:25
Storm Of Strings Exmortus 02:55
Trinity Ronnie Atkins 04:30
Tormentum Queensrÿche 07:29
Silent Wolf Harm's Way 02:45


Mélancolia 03:14
Night Vision Knife 03:17
White Line Frankenstein Alice Cooper, Tom Morello 03:40