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Discover voices from all around the world talking about issues that matter today & tomorrow. The virus has spread enough, now let's spread the future.


E07: Sofia on our Relations with Others
As quarantine separated us, it made us realize how important our relations with the others are. Wouldn’t it be the perfect time to better reconnect once this crisis is over? This is what we discussed with Sofia. Sofia is an aspiring psychologist studying in Milan, Italy whose research focuses on personal wellbeing. Original cover by Leslie Heintz Discover more on
08:30 28/06/2022
E07: Sofia sulle nostre Relazioni con gli Altri
La quarantena ci ha separato e ci ha fatto capire quanto siano importanti i nostri rapporti con gli altri. Ma non sarebbe il momento perfetto per riallacciare i rapporti una volta superata la crisi? Sofia ci racconta tutto. Sofia è una aspirante psicologa che studia a Milano, le cui ricerce sono incentrate sul benessere personale. Copertina originale di Leslie Heintz Scopri di più su
09:20 28/06/2022
E06: Fabio on our Relations with Objects
The purpose of objects is to solve issues. Yet, aren’t they bringing more issues than solutions nowadays? From sustainability to materialism and addictions. We asked Fabio about the future of our objects. Fabio volunteers in an open-air museum in Amsterdam and studied object design in Toulouse, France. Original cover by Megan Whitney Discover more on
06:22 06/04/2022
E06: Fabio sur nos Relations aux Objets
Les objets ont pour but de résoudre des problèmes. Mais n’apportent-ils pas aujourd’hui davantage de problèmes que de solutions? Durabilité, addictions… Nous discutons avec Fabio du futur de nos objets. Fabio est volontaire dans un musée d’un nouveau genre à Amsterdam et a étudié le design à Toulouse. Couverture originale par Megan Whitney Découvrir plus sur
06:22 06/04/2022
E05: Alexia on our Daily Impact
The human brain loves to isolate ideas. Can we really think anything outside of its context though? A virus’ existence impacts our world in many ways, what about me? We talk about our daily impact with Alexia. Alexia lives in Nice, France and studies International Affairs and Environmental studies in Washington, D.C. Original cover by Skylar Bartlett Discover more on
09:26 24/07/2021
E05: Alexia sobre nuestro Impacto Diario
Al cerebro humano le encanta aislar las ideas. ¿Pero podemos realmente pensar algo fuera de su contexto? La existencia de un virus afecta a nuestro mundo de muchas maneras ¿y qué hay de mí? Hablamos de nuestro impacto con Alexia. Alexia vive en Niza y estudia Asuntos Internacionales en relación con el Medioambiente en Washington, D.C. Portada original de Skylar Bartlett Descubre más en
09:10 24/07/2021
E04: Philippine on our Production Models
Mass production: is it without consequences? Do our production methods match with our ideals? Philippine talks to us about an essential production, the one of our food. Philippine studies in Paris and has been working in a food factory in Le Mans, France during the lockdown. Original cover by Lauren Marek Discover more on
04:46 12/05/2021
E04: Philippine sur nos Modèles de Production
Produire en masse : est-ce sans conséquence ? Nos méthodes de production sont-elles à la hauteur de nos idéaux ? Nous discutons avec Philippine d’une production essentielle, celle de notre nourriture. Philippine étudie à Paris et a choisi de travailler dans une usine alimentaire du Mans lors du confinement. Couverture originale par Lauren Marek Découvrir plus sur
05:27 12/05/2021
E03: Ronald on our Economy
Is non-stop consumption leading us to happiness in the end? Is capitalism compatible with sustainable development and social justice? We talk about the future of our economy with Ronald. Ronald lives in San José, Costa Rica and has studied International Administration and business in Paris. Original cover by Jacob Perry Discover more on
08:14 01/04/2021
E03: Ronald sobre nuestra Economía
¿El consumo incesante nos lleva a la felicidad al final? ¿Es el capitalismo compatible con el desarrollo sostenible y la justicia social? Esto es lo que hablamos con Ronald. Ronald vive en San José, Costa Rica y ha estudiado Administración Internacional y business en París. Portada original de Jacob Perry Descubre más en
10:00 01/04/2021
E02: Michael on our Resources
Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Seems like we understood this well, transforming any ressource around us with ease. But what if the true difficulty resided in not getting lost at the end of the process? Michael is an aspiring geologist from the island of Sicily and he conducts his research in Milan, Italy. Original cover by Isaak Hunt Discover more on
06:20 30/03/2021
E02: Michael sulle nostre Risorse
Nulla si perde, tutto si trasforma. Sembra che l'abbiamo capito bene  trasformando con facilità qualsiasi risorsa che ci circonda. Ma se la  vera difficoltà risiedesse nel non perdersi alla fine del processo? Michael è uno studente geologo che viene dalla Sicilia e che conduce le sue ricerche a Milano. Copertina originale di Isaak Hunt Scopri di più su
06:38 30/03/2021
E01: Nina on our Rhythms of Life
Commute, work, sleep, repeat… Wait. Is it still worth it? We discussed with Nina the countless ways of living as well as the possibility to embrace the one we really chose. Nina has been working in a wwoofing community in Yelverton, UK after having studied Political sciences in Paris. Original cover by Spencer Krell Discover more on
05:30 22/03/2021
E01: Nina sur nos Rythmes de Vie
Métro, boulot, dodo… Attends. Est-ce que ça vaut toujours le coup ? Nous avons discuté avec Nina des innombrables façons de vivre sa vie ainsi que de la possibilité d’adopter celle que l’on a vraiment choisie. Nina est bénévole dans une communauté wwoofing à Yelverton, en Angleterre, après avoir étudié les Sciences politiques à Paris. Couverture originale par Spencer Krell Découvrir plus sur
06:14 22/03/2021