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Prayerline delivers a weekly story coming straight from the grassroots of one of our 160 IFES movements. You may hear stories of the bravery of students facing persecution, innovative approaches to evangelism, or the impact of a small dormitory Bible study. At the end we will give you a few ways to pray for the students you met in the story. It is a great way to stay up to date on how you can pray for movements around the world. Prayerline is written by Abbie Parry and produced by Maéva Oltra, with many thanks to the hundreds of student movements who give us the inspiration and information to tell these stories.


Strength to continue for young emerging leaders in closed countries
It’s very tough to be a Christian in some parts of the Middle East. In this week’s Prayerline hear the story of a young staff worker and how his faith in Jesus brought him face to face with authorities. Pray with us for God to work through and for his people in a sensitive Middle Eastern country. 🙏 
04:37 13/06/2022
Peacemakers in ethnic civil conflict
'This has changed my entire life’.  Meet Denis and Isaac, students in Jonglei state in South Sudan, one of the most troubled places in the world right now. In the latest Prayerline, read about how FOCUS South Sudan has been working to bring gospel peace to a young nation plagued by ethnic violence and hate speech, especially in the university. 🕊️  With the Acts 4 initiative students are making a difference to transform the nation!
05:46 02/05/2022
The Gospel Proclaimed at the Africa Cup of Nations
What would you do if thousands of football fans came to visit your city? ⚽  In this Prayerline, read about how students from GBE Cameroon took the gospel to the @confederationofafricanfootball Africa Cup of Nations tournament in January and February, proclaiming good news to the thousands attending the tournament. 📣✝️ 
03:08 25/04/2022
Political Turmoil and the Anchor of God’s Word
How do you respond to a political transformation in your country?  The turmoil of the last few years has left students in Hong Kong feeling powerless, questioning, and despondent. But for a Christian, the surrounding circumstances don’t have the last word.  In this edition of Prayerline, pray with us for the students of FES Hong Kong and their peace in the knowledge that God is sovereign. 🙌 
04:53 19/04/2022
Because he first loved us: visiting a children’s home
What if God calls you to do something that feels ‘crazy’, to demonstrate his love to a broken world?  Students in Koinonia, the student movement in Cuba, followed their idea to put on a play in a local childrens home, to display and proclaim the love of Jesus to the children who lived there. 🎭 💖  Find out what happened in Prayerline.  
03:51 14/04/2022
Fighting human trafficking with gospel compassion
How can an IFES student movement make a difference in the fight against human trafficking?   Listen the latest Prayerline to find out how the ‘5 Loaves and 2 Fish project’, a student initiative, is part of the answer in Fiji.   Join us in praying for PSFC, the student movement in Fiji, as they fight poverty and exploitation in their universities. 
05:35 25/03/2022
New beginnings in Cluj
Creating something from nothing? Only God can do that...  Listen in the latest Prayerline about how God put the vision of a student group in Cluj, Romania, into the hearts of students and young people there, and how amazing things are happening, despite the struggles and setbacks.  Pray for Delia, Raluca, Ale and Ana, as they make disciples in Cluj!  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter
04:11 14/02/2022
When worries overwhelm us
'This year, I became more confused and overwhelmed than I’m happy to admit. Actually, I lost a lot of my joy and hope for the future’.  Our latest Prayerline is guest written by Tasia, a student from Canada who shares how the issues in her life and in the world affected her and how she was set free from worry.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter
04:36 25/01/2022
God has been working this year
Do you want to learn how God has been moving among students this year?   The final Prayerline of 2021 revisits some of the people we prayed for in Prayerline throughout the year. Be encouraged by updates that speak to God’s faithfulness and commit to praying with us for God to move among students in 2022! 
08:15 21/12/2021
Creating the space for student ministry
What’s a board chair to do?  In the latest Prayerline discover how the student movement in Sri Lanka was changed through the transformation of the board, and pray for FOCUS Sri Lanka as they move forward into a new season.  
03:34 07/12/2021
Closed Borders, Renewed Connections through Alumni
As the world was shutting down, in the Caribbean new things were beginning.  In this week’s Prayerline, discover how two former student presidents chose to remake their old connections just in time to support the Caribbean movements through the pandemic.  
04:45 23/11/2021
Keeping IFES thriving, together
‘The vision of the student generation living for Christ is so much more significant when it’s for all nations. Isn’t there more power and wonder in the vision of a Saviour’s purposes that can be transposed onto rainforests and slums and suburbs, across oceans and barbed wire?’ Our latest Prayerline asks you to pray for IFES staff like Lena, Duncan and Sarah, who are working to fulfil a vision of students reached for Christ worldwide.
04:35 09/11/2021
No ordinary fight
Suddenly an angel walked out of the wall. Then another. And another. Sezim was surrounded. This wasn’t your average late night study session. This was a battle. How did God strengthen Sezim to stand up to her professor? Find out in this week’s Prayerline.
04:06 26/10/2021
The apologetic scientist
Jonas thought it was best to keep his mouth shut. He loved God, but he also had a lot of big questions about faith. He did not want anyone to associate his questions with skepticism. When he went to university, he finally found people who had questions too. He was introduced to a wide world of apologetics. Now with support from the IFES Logos and Cosmos Initiative he is using his research to integrate faith and science. Hear him explain why he was excited to join the Logos and Cosmos Initiative. Find out more about Jonas’ story and the vision of Logos and Cosmos in this week’s Prayerline.
04:07 12/10/2021
Hearts of prayer, hands of service
This time last year students in Nepal were busy calling up graduates with a big idea. They wanted their World Student Day to have a big impact on their immediate community.  World Student Day 2021 is coming up in just a few weeks. What are your plans? Read this week’s Prayerline to inspire your own ideas for this global day of prayer.
02:33 05/10/2021
When we welcome the foreigner
As we launch Sobremesa this week, we need your prayers! Pray that students would take up the call to show God’s love their international neighbors. Pray that they would recognize the foreigners on their campus and welcome them into their homes and lives. Listen more about how you can pray in this week’s Prayerline.
04:05 28/09/2021
That the world may know
“Commission conference changed my life, and I really thank God. I was able to discover my God-given gift. ”  What happens when students go to Commission? They create hundreds of outreach programs. They start financing missions projects. They even decide to serve as missionaries themselves.   Commission 2021 is happening this fall. While this event is organized by FOCUS Kenya, its online format will make it available to participants from around the world. Find out more on this week’s Prayerline. 
03:22 21/09/2021
Waiting for your friends
We have all been there. You invite your friend to an event at your campus group and they say no every time. Or maybe you ask them how you can pray for them, and they change the subject. It is hard to watch your friends repeatedly reject faith.  José always wished his friend Andrés could experience his hope and faith. But a phone call during the pandemic surprised him. Listen more on this week’s Prayerline.   Learn more about scripture engagement here:
03:50 14/09/2021
It started with two
After studying abroad in Australia, Jonathan and Soen had a mission to bring student ministry to Indonesia. That was over 50 years ago. Now, Perkantas is a thriving movement and a blessing to the nations. Still, they need your prayers now as much as they did at the beginning. Join us as we praise God for 50 years of Perkantas and pray for the next season of their ministry.  
03:20 07/09/2021
Virtual Pioneering in Ecuador
When you can’t physically go to a new place to pioneer, going virtual opens up a new range of possibilities. CECE Ecuador has seen amazing pioneering progress in areas of the country where they have never even set foot. In this week’s Prayerline, Guadalupe Muñoz from CECE shares how God has worked through virtual groups to make amazing strides in pioneering work.  
03:58 31/08/2021
God ruins a perfect plan
Why would you ruin a perfectly good plan, God? Sam knew what he was doing after graduation. He planned to move to Tonga to restart the IFES student ministry there. It had been years since a staff worker had served there. The need for student ministry was so great. So that’s why it was so confusing when the pandemic ruined everything. The borders closed and Sam was shut out. As it turned out, God had plans of his own. Find out in this week’s Prayerline.
03:14 24/08/2021
Between two worlds
Maria was caught in the middle between her work and her faith. She felt side-lined by her coworkers who did not understand her faith.  But she did not always feel supported by her friends at church, who could not understand why she spent so much time at work. Her story is common among graduates in demanding careers. Find out how Cross-Current, a ministry of Graduate Impact, is helping.    Research from Cross Current was recently featured in Evangelical Focus. Find out more about the challenges graduates face once they leave university and what Cross Current is doing to help. 
03:55 17/08/2021
Built Together as Living Stones
Engaging the University, Scripture Engagement, Breaking New Ground. What do these three ministries have in common? They are all strengthening university ministry around the world and they all came out of the Living Stones vision for IFES. This vision was implemented twelve years ago and has united our fellowship around common goals that have greatly advanced the impact of student ministry. This week we are praising God for his providence through this period. We are also praying for his guidance as we step into a new season of strategy and vision. Listen this week’s Prayerline to find out how Living Stones has left a legacy that has led us to thrive. 
03:01 10/08/2021
Sharing Burdens in Prayer
As we begin our week of prayer and lament, we want to lift up the needs of our brothers and sisters in other movements around the world. Take a moment and listen through the prayer requests of all 11 regions of IFES. Use this Prayerline as a guide for your prayers over this week. By sharing each other’s burdens we hope that we will draw closer together as the family of Christ.  
07:17 02/08/2021
Flying Blind
Finlay wished his future was as clear as how the ground looked from his airplane. Like other students this year, he struggled with plans that felt unsure. How in the world are we supposed to find security and stability when we don’t even know what the next few months of our lives will look like? But one day this flight student met Jesus. Listen about how his life was changed through conversations with a Christian friend. Read the full interview to learn more about Finlay’s story.
03:43 27/07/2021
Reaching Gen Z
Most Gen Z students in Mongolia don’t really care about the gospel. That is, until they hear about it from their favorite YouTube stars. When the pandemic hit, FCS Mongolia needed a creative way to engage students online. So, they reached out to a famous Christian YouTube couple for help. Find out how their partnership led to students hearing the gospel for the very first time. 
03:57 19/07/2021