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The History of the World podcast Magazine - 5th June 2023
Unscripted (52) - In this episode of the podcast, we look back at the day of the Battle of Hastings in England in 1066, the incredible geoglyphic creations of the Nazca cultures of Ancient Peru, the incredle life of the early modern King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolfus, and what happened to Egypt after the fall of the New Kingdom.
51:14 05/06/2023
SPECIAL - The Pre-Columbian Mound Builders of North America
800 BCE - 1750 CE - This episode serves as a general overview of the archaeological cultures of North America and their connections to each other, as we learn more about the type of people who were living in the eastern United States before the arrival of Europeans.
44:35 29/05/2023
Vol 4 Ep 42a - The Emirate of Granada
1230 - 1492 - The story of the last nation of Al-Andalus is the story of the Emirate of Granada. We determine how it was formed and the sequence of events that led to its destruction.
50:22 22/05/2023
Unscripted (51) ( Retrospective special )
Join us on this journey back in time to New Kingdom Egypt, Ptolemaic Egypt, Classical World China, and medieval Iceland.
40:05 08/05/2023
Vol 4 Ep 55 - SUMMARY - Medieval Europe, Part Two
1000 - 1453 - The modern countries of Europe were beginning to evolve and mature as they jostled for lands and superiority over one another. Underpinning the status of the new nations was the influence of religion with the Papacy attempting to rule supreme over the kingdoms of Europe and attempting to create a Roman Catholic bubble that may persecute other religious movements at will.
58:34 24/04/2023
Vol 4 Ep 54 - SUMMARY - Medieval Europe, Part One
600 - 1085 - The modern nations of Europe begin to emerge as populations civilise, populate and Christianise. The Papacy becomes central to European politics.
37:44 17/04/2023
Vol 4 Ep 53 - BATTLE - The Battle of Kutná Hora ( 1421 )
1421 - The execution of Jan Hus caused rebellion in the Kingdom of Bohemia, when early Protestants against the Catholic Church rallied to send a message to the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope. This battle is a part of the wider Hussite Wars.
44:59 10/04/2023
Vol 4 Ep 52 - BATTLE - The Battle of Grunwald ( 1410 )
1410 - The Christianisation of the states of north-east Europe left the Teutonic Order with no neighbouring nations to conduct military missions against. As the relatively new nations of Poland and Lithuania tried to establish their status, the Teutonic Order would inevitably become involved.
52:42 03/04/2023
BONUS - The Ancient World Cup Final
A special preview of the Ancient World Cup Final between the Ancient Egyptians and The Romans
41:28 27/03/2023
Vol 4 Ep 51 - BATTLE - The Battle on the Ice ( 1242 )
1242 - Paganism remained dominant in the north-east corner of Europe, but the race to convert the natives brought the Western Catholic Crusaders into conflict with the Eastern Orthodox Russians. The resulting conflict took place on the surface of a frozen lake.
44:28 20/03/2023
Vol 4 Ep 50 - The Siege of Orléans and Joan of Arc
1415 - 1431 - The incredible story of how a young peasant girl managed to convince the French royal court to show a more aggressive attitude to the wars in France and how it was able to turn the tables on the English during the Hundred Years' War.
53:59 13/03/2023
Unscripted (50) ( Retrospective special )
Something completely new for the History of the World podcast.  While we wait for the new episode, we revive some of the great stories that we have already told in years gone by.  Plus the result of the first semi-final of the History of the World podcast Ancient World Cup.
41:27 06/03/2023
Vol 4 Ep 49 - BATTLE - The Battle of Agincourt ( 1415 )
1415 - King Henry V of England was committed to targetting the French and launched an attack on France to reclaim lost lands and take the hand of the French king's daughter.  Henry would actually end up in a race against time to escape France with his life.
46:46 27/02/2023
Vol 4 Ep 48 - BATTLE - The Battle of Crécy ( 1346 )
1346 - All of the male descedants of King Philip IV of France had died out, apart from one, King Edward III of England.  The French would find a way to avoid crowning Edward in favour of a cousin and this would cause Edward to raise a massive army and invade the north of France.
52:13 20/02/2023
Vol 4 Ep 47 - The Hundred Years' War
1337 - 1453 - The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between the kingdoms of England and France and their ruling dynasties, the Plantagenets and the Capetians.  This is a whistle-stop tour of the main events that shaped the conflicts.
45:29 13/02/2023
Vol 4 Ep 46 - The Black Death
1346 - 1353 - It was not the first time that the bubonic plague had hit Eurasia, but this time nobody could have expected the sudden and relentless wave of devastation that affected all of the nations of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
48:03 06/02/2023
Vol 4 Ep 45 - BATTLE - The Battle of Bannockburn ( 1314 )
1314 - After the death of King Edward I of England, the Hammer of the Scots, the self proclaimed Scottish king, Robert the Bruce started a campaign of seizing Scottish castles garrisoned by the English.  When Stirling Castle was about to fall to the Scots, King Edward II of England had no choice but to act.
54:10 30/01/2023
Vol 4 Ep 44 - The First War of Scottish Independence
1290 - 1314 - A series of tragedies left the comparatively stable Scottish monarchy in disarray leading to the opportunistic King Edward I of England attempting to enforce overlordship on the Scots.  William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in particular looked to oppose this action.
48:43 23/01/2023
Vol 4 Ep 43 - Magna Carta
1166 - 1216 - The events and actions of the reign of King John of England brought about the circumstances from which the highest members of English society sought to challenge the king's authority and lay down some legal terms that would limit the power of the monarch.
47:18 16/01/2023
Vol 4 Ep 42 - BATTLE - The Battle of Río Salado ( 1340 )
1340 - The Muslim taifas of the Iberian peninsula had all been reconquered apart from Granada.  A new threat now emerged from North Africa with ambitions of creating a foothold in the peninsula and taking control of the Strait of Gibraltar.
56:08 09/01/2023
Unscripted (49)
News about the next proper episode of the podcast and a catch up with some of the e-mails and reviews.
13:00 05/01/2023
Unscripted (48) ( Boxing Day )
Another festive catch up and an opportunity to discuss the notion of Boxing Day and a bit about its traditional history.
12:51 26/12/2022
Unscripted (47) ( Christmas Day )
A long awaited catch up with Chris on Christmas Day, with a little look into the whole tradition of Christmas Day and why it even exists as it does.
16:12 25/12/2022
Unscripted (46) ( Strangers )
In this week's unscripted episode, we'll be discussing why there are unscripted episodes at all, we'll be answering History of the World podcast illuminati member, Corben Havener's question about when prehistoric tribes became big enough that not all individual members could know all others, and we'll be looking ahead at the final episodes of our journey through medieval Europe.
17:31 12/12/2022
Vol 4 Ep 41 - BATTLE - The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa ( 1212 )
1212 - A new wave of powerful Berber Muslims called the Almohads controlled southern Spain.  Castilian raids into Almohad territory brought the Almohad army from Africa, and their aggression caused the Pope to call for a crusade which climaxed with this pivotal battle.
52:00 05/12/2022
Vol 4 Ep 40 - Reconquista, the Early Years ( El Cid )
711 - 1102 - The Christianised Visigothic Kingdom was invaded and conquered by the Islamic Caliphate.  The remnants of the Visigoths went north into the mountains and began the process of reconquest (reconquista), to bring the Iberian Peninsula back under Christian rule again.
45:41 28/11/2022
Vol 4 Ep 39 - BATTLE - The Battle of Legnano ( 1176 )
1176 - Since the days of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto the Great, during the tenth century, Italy was the poorer brother of Germany.  A key factor within this relationship was the Papacy, and by the latter half of the eleventh century, with the support of the Pope, the Italians had had enough of being the Holy Roman Empire's whipping boys.
48:28 21/11/2022
Vol 4 Ep 38 - BATTLE - The Battle of Arsuf ( 1191 )
1191 - The Battle of Arsuf was the conflict between two of the most celebrated military leaders, Richard the Lionheart and Saladin of the Ayyubids.  The challenges of maintaining discipline in testing circumstances for both armies are highlighted well in this particular showdown.
52:43 14/11/2022
Vol 4 Ep 37 - BATTLE - The Battle of Hattin ( 1187 )
1187 - After the situation settled down after the Second Crusade, the Fatimid Caliphate in Egypt collapsed making way for the Muslim icon, Saladin, to become a national leader and an imperial warlord.  After bringing together a number of Muslim realms, the next target would be the infidels of Christian Outremer.
45:42 07/11/2022
Vol 4 Ep 36 - Crusades in the Holy Land, Part Two
1099 - 1302 - After the conclusion of the First Crusade, four Christian nation states were established in the Levant.  These Crusader States would have to battle for their survival over the next two hundred years, and this episode focuses on that protracted battle.
50:36 31/10/2022