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The Oceanriders Podcast

Hosted by Imi Barneaud, entrepreneur and mum, The Oceanriders Podcast is a series of weekly conversations with creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers. Surfers from all walks of life share how surfing has affected their lifestyle and careers. Guests share how they have crafted or landed their dream job: a job that enables them to chase waves. Find out how you can too...


Episode 059: Meet Sylvia Earle- A National Geographic Society Resident Explorer, Oceanographer, Author, Lecturer, and “Oceandiver” 63:46 26/11/2021
Episode 058 : Meet Cory Belyea - Author, Teacher and Adventurer 72:28 05/11/2021
Episode 057: Meet Mitch King- Singer-Songwriter, Traveler, and Surfer 50:05 09/11/2020
Episode 056: Meet Michael Hamilton- Co-Founder of Live Swell, Author, and a Free Surfer 54:26 26/10/2020
Episode 55: Meet Martin Dunn- Surf Coach and World-Class Surf Trainer 62:31 12/10/2020
Episode 54: Meet Elizabeth Sans- Founder of Dryft Watersports, Yoga Instructor, and Energetic Surfer 53:46 28/09/2020
Episode 53: Meet Peter Fabor- Founder of Surf Office and Dedicated Surfer 45:06 06/07/2020
Episode 52: Meet Philipp Hartmann - Marketing Guru, Seasoned Entrepreneur, and an Amazing Daddy Surfer 49:48 22/06/2020
Episode 51: Meet Clara Negrel - Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Surfer 28:33 08/06/2020
Episode 50: Meet Julia Colangelo- Educator, Speaker, Flow Researcher, and Surfer 44:54 25/05/2020
Episode 49: Meet Natalie Fox- Founder Of YogaRama and Surf & Yoga Instructor 41:50 11/05/2020
Episode 48: Meet Maree Beare - Founder and CEO of Wanngi, Savvy Entrepreneur, and a Driven Surfer 39:46 27/04/2020
Episode 47: Meet Richard Walton - Wandering Serial Entrepreneur and Adventurous Surfer 45:33 13/04/2020
Episode 46: Meet Taylor Morozova- Entrepreneur, Stylist, Podcaster, and Unbound Surfer 46:13 30/03/2020
Episode 45: Meet Heidi Tapia- Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur, Free Diver, Whale Guide, and Passionate Surfer 44:21 16/03/2020
Episode 44: Meet Vincent Lartizien- Entrepreneur with Values, Adventurer, and Renowned Big Wave Surfer 52:23 10/02/2020
Episode 43: Meet Melanie Bernhard- Writer, Journalist, and SurferEpisode 43: Meet Melanie Bernhard- Writer, Journalist, and Surfer 42:22 27/01/2020
Episode 42: Meet Laura Day- Founder of Iaera Surf, Interior Designer, Architect, and an Energetic Surfer 44:58 13/01/2020
Episode 41: Meet Natalie Small- Surf Therapist and Founder of Groundswell Community Project 53:07 23/12/2019
Episode 40: Meet Trace Lane- Founder and Director at Surf Sisters for Science, Writer, Researcher and Surfer 33:16 09/12/2019
Episode 39: Meet Anouk Corolleur- Life Coach , Adventurer, Yoga Teacher and Surfer 44:19 25/11/2019
Episode 38: Meet Ryan Lynch, Founder of Timber Surf Co., Master Shaper, and Eco Surfer 51:53 11/11/2019
Episode 37: Meet Coach Dris- Life/Performance/Mindset Coach, Podcast Host, Forbes Coaches Council Member and Radical Surfer 59:09 28/10/2019
Episode 036: Alexa Hohenberg- Professional Snowboarder, Mountain Guide, Explorer, Award-Winning Content Creator & Producer 35:34 18/10/2019
Episode 35: Pete Gustin- Legally Blind Voiceover Actor, Audio Production Guru, Author & Surfer 48:21 11/10/2019
Episode 34: Tara Ruttenberg - Writer, Yoga Teacher, Consultant, Coach and Surfer 36:35 04/10/2019
Episode 033: Amanda Prifti, Co-Founder of SeaSisters Sri Lanka, Surfer and Surf Photographer 45:24 27/09/2019
Episode 32: David Walden, Writer, Surfer and Creator of The Walden Word 37:22 20/09/2019
Episode 31: Jeff Hakman, Surfing Legend and Founder of Quiksilver USA & Europe 54:16 14/09/2019
Episode 30: Meet Alexandra Lia, founder of Soul Surfer and creator of Seatizens 68:24 12/07/2019