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Welcome to Outerblue, the podcast channel which guide professional investors into their financial journey. 3 sound series are available: Blue Convictions: monthly market analysis and asset allocation This series sets up our analysis of the markets and our investment convictions. Each month, listen to Monica Defend, Global Head of Research, who discusses our views with Tom Burges-Watson, your host on this podcast. Blue Conversation: financial talk on geopolitics This series is a free talk on geopolitical main events. Renowned international experts as well as Amundi CIOs and Research professionals are interviewed by Jean-Jacques Barberis, Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Coverage, to provide you with insights, consequence assessment, market views as well as asset allocation recommendations Blue Research: knowledge sharing on financial research. This podcast deep dives into a significant financial research theme with an Amundi Research expert. Every quarter, learn more about our latest significant publications and findings with this interview led by Tom Burges-Watson.


[Blue Convictions] 2022 Investment Outlook: What's in store for investors in 2022? 11:37 07/12/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment views: Markets in quicksand: inflationary risks persist 08:06 27/10/2021
[Blue Research] - Attaining Net zero: issues, implications and investment opportunities 15:01 20/10/2021
[Blue Conversation] - Germany kicks off a major electoral sequence for Europe 41:35 30/09/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment views: Mounting risks, buying time. 09:35 30/09/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment views: Markets in 3D: Delta, Deceleration and Divergences 09:27 01/09/2021
[Blue Convictions] H2 2021 Investment Outlook: Watch out for Inflation! 50:15 05/07/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment views: Waters seem calm, yet are they safe?” 07:40 23/06/2021
Global Investment Views: Inflation is taking the driver’s seat of financial markets 06:46 27/05/2021
[Blue Conversation] - Biden's Climate Summit 43:53 10/05/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: Recovery : a key market driver 06:30 27/04/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: Growth narratives, investment consequences & risks on environment 08:18 08/04/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: How hot is the inflation pot? 08:31 03/03/2021
[Blue Conversation] Europe political hotspots and investment implications 41:38 03/02/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: What changes with the new US administration? 06:55 03/02/2021
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: will the old normal return? 14:47 04/01/2021
[Blue Conversation] The “Day After” series – Geopolitics: what’s next for Europe? 37:58 17/12/2020
[Blue Research] The "Day After" series - Changing shares of labour and capital incomes: what implications for investors? 22:22 27/11/2020
[Blue Convictions] 2021 investment outlook: market rotation in an uneven recovery 15:59 24/11/2020
[Blue Conversation] The US elections #3: Results - analysis & investment impacts 42:05 17/11/2020
[Blue Conversation] The US elections #2: expectations and market scenarios on the eve of the US presidential elections 50:17 29/10/2020
[Blue Convictions] November global investment views: the path towards a sustained growth 12:09 29/10/2020
[Blue Convictions] The US elections #1: implications for global financial markets 56:30 09/10/2020
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views: markets at a crossroad, opportunities in divergence 13:02 02/10/2020
[Blue Research] Carbon price and credit default: introducing the carbon price margin 14:14 01/10/2020
[Blue Convictions] Global Investment Views : A note of caution for the back-to-school season 08:19 04/09/2020
[Blue Research]The “Day After” series - rethinking the macro and cross-asset research post crisis 16:06 20/07/2020
[Blue Research] The "Day After" series - Deglobalisation: an assessment of financial contagion and an opportunity to diversify its portfolio 22:12 13/07/2020
[Blue Convictions] EU Equities: a tactical call 32:00 10/07/2020
[Blue Research] The “Day After” series – The EU resilience: the Covid-19 crisis as a catalyst for change 23:54 10/07/2020