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Touch Me Sakkusa 02:27
Waiting for You Sakkusa 02:36
Want U2 Luv Me Sakkusa 02:24
Shackles (Praise You) Sakkusa 02:16
No One Else Sakkusa 02:45
Love Is My Dope Sakkusa 02:57
Not Enough Sakkusa 04:08
Give Me The Night Sakkusa 03:09
Let It Go Sakkusa 02:48
I Was Made For Loving You Sakkusa 02:31

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Sakkusa is a European musical duo that consists of an experienced producer & songwriter and a young protégé with a talent in marketing and business and a good feel for modern day music. Their career started off as a small creative project in attempt of trying something new and fun, but they soon became very passionate about their work and decided to invest even more time and money into it. With now over 3 thousand monthly listeners, their platform is gradually growing every day as they’re improving and learning more about their passion. Their deep house music inspires many through it’s soothing and soulful vibes. Let's talk: