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The Central European Affairs Talk podcast is delivered to you by Central European Affairs (CEA) digital magazine, publishing high-quality conversations that bring critical and innovative thinking to the fore and stimulate debate.Our podcast focuses on topics related to democracy, rule of law, human and digital rights, as well as culture and European integration in Central and Eastern Europe. CEA Talk is dedicated to informing and educating decision-makers, politicians, businessmen, scholars, researchers as well as interested persons from other professional areas. It features balanced treatment and a wide array of opinions from its debate partners.The main goal of the talks presented by CEA Talk is to provide in-depth knowledge of democratic actors and procedures as well as to promote critical and democratic thinking and behavior.


Hunyadi: Far-right Our Homeland party could grow in parliament 15:00 2022-05-12
Porčnik: Political turn in Slovenia 17:48 2022-05-05
Le Quiniou: Nobody knows what is Macron's election program 21:50 2022-04-10
Gressel: Next decades will be tough for European defense 18:13 2022-04-08
Shamiev: Russia's military not as great as in Hollywood movies 32:09 2022-03-24
Simonyi: Russians demanded elimination of Viktor Orbán in 1989 15:09 2022-03-17
Gyöngyösi: Brezhnev Doctrine or One Speed Europe? 30:29 2022-01-23
Barbashin: Russian troops along Ukraine border are a tool to force diplomacy 22:03 2021-12-10
Przybylski: Polish border crisis an aggression by Lukashenko 19:58 2021-11-23
Hegedűs: A life after Merkel is possible 24:18 2021-10-25
Jeszenszky: I can’t read Viktor Orbán’s mind 23:36 2021-09-14
Novak: Pope’s Budapest visit will encourage the Quiet Ones 19:23 2021-09-09
Breyer: Why not install CCTV cameras in private departments? 35:47 2021-09-07
Guetta: The EU's future is in the hands of the Hungarians 18:37 2021-07-21
Tomaszevski: Russia’s Kaliningrad project is back 23:30 2021-07-09
Bojár: Crony capitalism is killing the entrepreneurial spirit 20:42 2021-06-28
Ligeti: Private foundations serve the goal to perpetuate PM Orbán’s personal leverage 28:57 2021-06-21
Civitas Poll: Sympathy Index of Foreign Politicians 22:23 2021-06-09
Amb. Fried: Lukashenko’s assault on the rules-based international system 37:07 2021-05-30
Dzurinda: The EU needs to become a global power 21:52 2021-05-21
Cullinane: Hungary is one of Biden’s major issues 22:35 2021-05-03
Benner: Angela Merkel is the weakest link on China 35:03 2021-04-29
Stulík: Putin’s arch enemy is NATO 09:01 2021-04-21
Unhack Democracy: “Make Ballot Counting Great Again” 22:30 2021-04-19
Martin: Corruption performs better in Hungary 23:55 2021-04-09
Pichler: We need digital citizens 29:41 2021-03-31
Faludy: Hungary needs a real conservative party 18:04 2021-03-24
Kelemen: Orbán can’t afford to let the opposition win 15:38 2021-03-16
Bálint Magyar: The Orbán government is a criminal organization 21:56 2021-03-05
Anita Posch: Bitcoin can eliminate corruption and retain privacy 44:19 2021-02-28