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Cosa avete fatto a Solange (From "What Have You Done to Solange?") Stefano Di Battista 03:59
La califfa Stefano Di Battista 03:19
Ne'll acqua Stefano Di Battista 05:54
Deborah's Theme (From "Once Upon a Time in America") Stefano Di Battista 03:42
Anastasia Stefano Di Battista 06:37
Gabriel’s Oboe (From "The Mission") Stefano Di Battista 03:30
Tu vuò fa l'americano Stefano Di Battista 04:04
Roma antica Stefano Di Battista 06:41
Arrivederci Stefano Di Battista, Sylvain Luc 09:28
La chanson des jumelles Stefano Di Battista, Sylvain Luc 04:32

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Cosa avete fatto a Solange (From "What Have You Done to Solange?")
Peur sur la ville (From "Fear over the City")
La cosa buffa

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Celebrated Italian jazz saxophonist and bandleader Stefano di Battista was born in Rome on February 14, 1969. He immersed himself in jazz at a young age and start with the saxophone as a teenager, greatly influenced by Art Pepper and Julian ‘Cannonball Adderley. His desire for a career in jazz solidified after meeting Massimo Urbani, but it was in the early 1990s, after taking the advice of pianist Jean-Pierre Como to move to Paris, France, that his career began to boom. He connected with several of the best French jazz musicians at the time and made his recording debut as a bandleader with 1997’s Volare. He signed to the celebrated jazz label Blue Note who allowed his to keep the Italian focus of his work even though he was entrenched in the French jazz scene. He released five albums for Blue Note including his self-titled 2000 LP, the 2004 Charlie Parker tribute Parker’s Mood, and 2007’s Trouble Shootin’, his final album for Blue Note. He challenged himself with his material on projects like 2011’s Woman’s Land, which drew inspiration from famous women throughout history, and he formed a regular working relationship with vocalist Nicky Nicolai. Eager to collaborate with other musicians, he balanced his own work as a bandleader with gigs as a sideman. His eclecticism was underscored but the 2021 release of Morricone Stories, an album-long tribute to the celebrated film composer Ennio Morricone. After a three year break, Stefano Di Battista returned with the album La Dolce Vita, a collection of classic Italian songs.