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Paolo Virdis

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Great music can transport us, it can surround us and take us on a journey. Paolo Virdis makes music that takes you somewhere else completely. Are you ready to be whisked away? Based in Turin, Italy, Paolo Virdis is an artist and producer with the power to teleport the listener in to strange, often dystopian lands, swimming in dark atmospheres and brooding intent. Inspired by the work on artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Drexciya and Kraftwerk, amongst others, there are echoes of Detroit Techno and even post/punk and new wave. Single, ‘Rimango Qui’ (I Stay Here) is a slice of thumping techno, swirling with darkness, pulsing synth bass and a haunting vocal. It is pure atmosphere, like pacing the corridors of a club at 3am. ‘Abisso’ (Abyss) does exactly what it says on the tin, transporting listers to an intense abyss full of synth driven attitude and mystery. ‘Survive’ is pure suspense - synths loops march toward ghostly vocals, a heart-racing tempo drawing the listener deep inside the song. Paolo Virdis creates worlds for you to inhabit as you listen. These worlds are supplemented by a strong visual aesthetic; Virdis produces imagery that perfectly visualises the dark worlds he creates through his music. Videos, photographs and digital collages give the listener yet more to delve in to, to get lost inside. With new single ‘Electro Butterfly’ due to drop in November, Paolo Virdis is a producer on a steep upward trajectory. Take a journey into brooding soundscapes and thumping synths; listen to Paolo Virdis, today.