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The Boys Of Summer Don Henley 04:48
Come Rain Or Come Shine Don Henley 03:38
The End Of The Innocence Don Henley 05:15
Dirty Laundry Don Henley 05:36
New York Minute Don Henley 06:35
The Last Worthless Evening Don Henley 06:02
The Heart Of The Matter Don Henley 05:22
Johnny Can't Read Don Henley 03:33
Leather and Lace Stevie Nicks, Don Henley 03:45
All She Wants To Do Is Dance Don Henley 04:29

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Dirty Laundry
The Boys Of Summer
All She Wants To Do Is Dance
Not Enough Love In The World

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After a decade as one of the mainstays with the Eagles playing a leading role in their biggest hits like Hotel California, Desperado, Best Of My Life and One Of These Nights, Don Henley underlined the class of his carefully crafted songs with a successful solo career. His first solo album I Can't Stand Still was released in 1982 and the following year he had his biggest hit with the single Dirty Laundry, a bitter denunciation of the tabloid press. The Boys Of Summer was another major hit single as Henley moved away from the country pop sound of The Eagles by incorporating synth arrangements and in 1989 he collaborated with Bruce Hornsby on one of his biggest-selling albums, The End Of The Innocence. In 2000 Henley released Inside Studio and became more involved in political and ecological campaigns and, with Sheryl Crow, also co-founded the Recording Artists Coalition to protect musicians' rights.