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asphyxia Cö Shu Nie 02:54
give it back Cö Shu Nie 03:32
Zettai Zetsumei Cö Shu Nie 02:28
o=March to Lethe Cö Shu Nie 03:08
Lamp Cö Shu Nie 02:53
SAKURA BURST (Naeleck Remix) - SACRA BEATS Singles Cö Shu Nie, Naeleck 04:07
scapegoat Cö Shu Nie 02:35
bullet Cö Shu Nie 02:37
Asphyxia Cö Shu Nie 04:45
SAKURA BURST Cö Shu Nie 01:35

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Burn The Fire

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Cö Shu Nie are a Japanese pop rock band formed in Osaka in 2011 with singer, guitarist and keyboard player Miku Nakamura, bassist Shunsuke Matsumoto and drummer Kojiro Yamazaki, who left in 2017 to be succeeded by Ryosuke Fujita. Their albums include 'Hydra' (2013), 'Org' (2013), 'Puzzle' (2016) and 'Overkill' (2017). They released an EP titled 'Aurora' in 2018 plus the single 'Asphyxia' (2018) and 'Desperately / Lamp' (2019). Their tracks are heard on anime productions such as 'Tokyo Ghoul' and 'The Promised Neverland'. Their 2019 schedule was to include appearances at venues in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.