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Ease Christian Löffler 04:28
Neo Christian Löffler 07:17
Haul Christian Löffler, Mohna 05:15
Roused Christian Löffler, Malou 04:11
Eleven Christian Löffler, Mohna 06:35
Beirut Christian Löffler 07:40
Like Water (feat. Mohna) Christian Löffler, Mohna 03:37
Versailles (Hold) Christian Löffler 03:38
Lys (feat. Menke) Christian Löffler, Menke 04:20
Envy Christian Löffler, Mogli 04:02

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German electronic music maker Christian Löffler was born April 5, 1985. His interest in electronic music began when he was a teenager, and he pursued that art alongside his interesting in painting and sketching. He would study visual arts in college, but music began to take on more importance when co-founded his own label, Ki Records, in 2008. That has been the avenue through which he has released the majority, though not the entirety, of his discography. Ki’s first release was Löffler’s 2009 EP, Heights. His debut LP, A Forest, came in 2012 and established his unique, introspective approach to a genre of music that is usually characterized by uptempo dance beats. Löffler’s music often has a more melancholy vibe. After a series of singles and EPs, he put out Mare in 2016, an album that utilized more found sounds Löffler recorded in the woods that surround his isolated studio. 2019’s Graal (Prologue) brought together his two great artistic passions. The music on that release was inspired by drawings he made of his travels, and the combination of his artistic pursuits resulted in his most personal album to date. Lys, his fourth LP, came out in 2020.