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Bro Hymn Pennywise 03:00
Revolution Pennywise 03:25
Stand Up Pennywise 03:17
Fuck Authority Pennywise 03:16
Rise Up Pennywise 02:47
All Or Nothing Pennywise 02:29
Never Gonna Die Pennywise 02:40
Live While You Can Pennywise 02:37
Stand By Me Pennywise 03:07
Won't Give Up The Fight Pennywise 03:02

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Peaceful Day
Waste of Time
Perfect People


Every Single Day

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Pennywise are an American punk rock band formed in Southern California in 1988 by vocalist Jim Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragge, bassist Jason Thirsk, who died in 1996 to be succeeded by Randy Bradbury, and drummer Byron McMackin. Singer Zoli Téglás was front man from 2010-2012 while Lindberg went off for other projects including a documentary film 'The Other F Word' based on his book 'Punk Rock Dad: No Rules, Just Real Life'.

Their eponymous debut album came out in 1991 and they followed up with 'Wildcard/A Word from the Wise' (1992), 'Unknown Road' (1993), 'About Time' (1995), 'Full Circle' (1997), 'Straight Ahead' (1999) and 'Live at the Key Club' (2000). 'Land of the Free' (2001) reached number two on Billboard's Independent Albums Chart, 'From the Ashes' (2003) went to number four and 'The Fuse' (2005) number nine and 'Reason to Believe' (2008) went to number 25 on Alternative Albums Chart.

'All Or Nothing' (2012) hit number seven on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums Chart, number 20 on the Alternative Chart, number 28 the Top Rock Albums Chart. 'Yesterdays' (2014) reached number eight on the Hard Rock Chart, number 17 on the Alternative Chart and number 24 on the Top Rock Chart. Their 2018 release 'Never Gonna Die' (2018) peaked at number eight on the Independent Chart, number nine on the Hard Rock Chart, number ten on the Alternative Chart and number 25 on the Top Rock Chart.