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when you sleep My bloody valentine 04:11
sometimes My bloody valentine 05:19
only shallow My bloody valentine 04:16
off your face My bloody valentine 04:14
what you want My bloody valentine 05:33
soon My bloody valentine 06:59
honey power My bloody valentine 04:33
is this and yes My bloody valentine 05:06
blown a wish My bloody valentine 03:36
come in alone My bloody valentine 03:58

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de My bloody valentine

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only shallow
to here knows when

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Through waves of feedback My Bloody Valentine helped define the indie shoegaze sound of the late 1980s, becoming cult heroes and leaving a lasting influence on the alternative rock scene. Formed in Dublin in 1983, they spent years rambling around Europe and were on the verge of splitting when Alan McGhee signed them to legendary label Creation Records and released debut album Isn't Anything (1988). Led by Kevin Shields' heavily distorted guitar and Bilinda Butcher's dreamy harmonies, the EPs Glider (1990) and Tremelo (1991) followed, before the band's masterpiece Loveless (1991) nearly bankrupted the label. With Shields growing increasingly eccentric and difficult to work with, McGhee dropped them from Creation and despite signing with Island for a hefty fee, they faded away. Shields later appeared with Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jnr and on Primal Scream's Xtrmntr (2000), before the band reformed in 2007 for reunion shows and festivals appearances and to curate ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas in 2009.