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Rock de la Cárcel David Lebon, Charly García 02:26
Tiempo Sin Sueños (feat. Conociendo Rusia) David Lebon, Conociendo Rusia 04:02
Dos Edificios Dorados David Lebon 04:50
Hombre de Mala Sangre David Lebon 03:01
El Tiempo Es Veloz (feat. Fito Paez) David Lebon, Fito Páez 04:18
Seminare (feat. Diego Torres) David Lebon, Diego Torres 04:03
Oh Dios, Qué Puedo Hacer David Lebon 04:52
Seminare David Lebon 03:24
Puedo Sentirlo David Lebon 03:22
Tu Llegada (feat. Leiva) David Lebon, Leiva 04:59

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One of the most revered figures in Argentine rock, singer-songwriter and guitarist David Lebón was born on October 5, 1952, in the city of Buenos Aires. At the age of 8, he moved with his mother to the United States, where he had the chance of seeing the Beatles perform live at Shea Stadium in 1965—a show that would greatly shape his future career. After returning to Buenos Aires in the late 60s, he took part in numerous seminal Argentine rock bands, including Pappo's Blues, Billy Bond y la Pesada del Rock and Roll, Pescado Rabioso, Color Humano, Polifemo, and Serú Girán. In 1973, he released his eponymous studio debut, followed by the double LP Nayla (1980) and El Tiempo Es Veloz (1982), his first album following Serú Girán's disbandment. For the remainder of the decade, David Lebón achieved success as a solo artist with albums like Siempre Estaré (1983) and the rock and roll tribute Desnuque (1984), and later adopted a more radio-friendly sound on Si de Algo Sirve (1985), 7 x 7 (1986), Nunca Te Puedo Alcanzar (1987), and Contactos (1989). During the 90s, he collaborated with Pedro Aznar on Nuevas Mañanas (1991), participated in the 1992 Serú Girán reunion, and released the live album En Vivo, en el Teatro Coliseo in 1999. Even though his output waned in the following decades, David Lebón still managed to keep his finger on the pulse of Argentine music, as evidenced by the star-studded albums Lebón & Co. (2019) and Lebón & Co. Vol. 2 (2022), which featured duets with Abel Pintos ("El Tigre y el Dragón"), Conociendo Rusia ("Tiempo Sin Sueños"), and Diego Torres ("Seminare").