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É Tarde Demais Gigantes do Samba, Raça Negra, Só Pra Contrariar 03:15
Cheia de Manias Raça Negra 04:14
É Tarde Demais Raça Negra, Péricles 03:17
Me Leva Junto Com Você Raça Negra, Tiee 02:47
Cheia de Manias Raça Negra 03:47
Nego Lindo Raça Negra 03:13
Você Raça Negra 03:59
Deus Me Livre Raça Negra 03:29
Quando Te Encontrei Raça Negra 03:17
Cheia de Manias Raça Negra 03:31

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Raça Negra at Arena Bacuri (April 6, 2024)
Palmas, Brazil

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Raça Negra are a Brazilian pop band who play in the 'pagode' tradition, a style of Brazilian pop which draws influences from samba and which had a surge in popularity in the 1980s. Having formed in 1983, the band were in the vanguard of this new wave of Brazilian music and during their career have sold millions of records. Their chart-topping hits include tracks such as 'Caroline', 'I Want to See You Cry' and 'Take Me Together With You'.

One unusual aspect of their music is that the traditional samba instruments of ukulele and banjo are absent from the line-up, the band preferring to use a conventional six string guitar as the cornerstone of their sound.

Although not widely known outside their native Brazil, the band did receive an unusual boost to their international profile early on in their career when a mistake at their record company's pressing plant resulted in one of their albums accidentally finding its way onto an AOL instructional CD-ROM which was subsequently sent out to confused AOL customers around the globe.