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Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil 04:15
The Dead Heart Midnight Oil 05:11
Blue Sky Mine Midnight Oil 04:15
Put Down That Weapon Midnight Oil 04:38
Dreamworld Midnight Oil 03:36
Forgotten Years Midnight Oil 04:16
Truganini Midnight Oil 05:08
The Dead Heart Midnight Oil 06:19
Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil 04:05
Blue Sky Mine Midnight Oil 04:16

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Diesel And Dust

de Midnight Oil

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Beds Are Burning
Put Down That Weapon
Arctic World

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Midnight Oil is an Australian rock band that was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1972. The band's lineup consists of Peter Garrett (vocals), Rob Hirst (drums), Jim Moginie (guitar, keyboard), Martin Rotsey (guitar), and Bones Hillman (bass). They are known for their powerful and politically charged music, passionate live performances, and their commitment to environmental and social activism. Releasing their self-titled debut album in 1978, the band went on to have a string of Australian hits, notably “Power & The Passion”, “The Dead Heart”, “Blue Sky Mine” and “Beds Are Burning” - a 1987 song about giving land back to native Pintupi tribes, which also became a Top 10 hit across the U.S, U.K and Europe as well as Canada and New Zealand. Their albums Diesel and Dust (1987) and Blue Sky Mining (1990) were particularly successful both commercially and critically, with a further 13 albums charting in the top 10, earning the band considerable honours and acclaim, including 11 ARIA Awards. In addition to their music, Midnight Oil has been actively involved in activism and advocacy, using their platform to raise awareness about environmental issues, social justice, and indigenous rights with Garrett pursuing a career in politics and serving as a member of the Australian Parliament. After a long hiatus, Midnight Oil reunited in 2016 for an extensive world tour and in 2020, released “Gadigal Land,” their first single in over 18 years, which featured on chart-topping mini-album The Makarrata Project, returning in 2022 with full-length album Resist and a farewell tour culminating in an extedended final performance in Sydney. After a cassette-tape concert recording of a 1982 concert surfaced later in the year and was digitised for streaming purposes, Midnight Oil LIVE At The Old Lion Adelaide 1982 was released as a rare single-pressing after considerable demand from fans. The album rose to number 7 on the Australian charts in May 2023.