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Janine Kingdom Come 04:23
What Love Can Be Kingdom Come 05:14
Should I Kingdom Come 05:38
Perfect O Kingdom Come 03:47
Who Do You Love Kingdom Come 04:14
Highway 6 Kingdom Come 05:50
Gotta Go (Can't Wage A War) Kingdom Come 04:25
Twilight Cruiser Kingdom Come 06:39
The Shuffle Kingdom Come 03:40
Living Out Of Touch Kingdom Come 04:17

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In Your Face

de Kingdom Come

1375 seguidores

Do You Like It
Who Do You Love
The Wind
Gotta Go (Can't Wage A War)

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Kingdom Come is a US hard rock band founded in 1987 around the German singer Lenny Wolf. The band is completed by guitarists Danny Stag and Rick Steier, bassist Johnny B. Frank and drummer James Kottak. Because of Lenny Wolf's vocal resemblance to Robert Plant, critics repeatedly compare Kingdom Come to Led Zeppelin. In 1988, Kingdom Come released their self-titled debut album. The album peaks at number 12 in the USA and, boosted by the hit single "Get It On", the band performs at the Monsters of Rock Festival together with Metallica, the Scorpions and Van Halen. Kingdom Come later opened for Bon Jovi and Ratt. The next studio album, In Your Face, followed in 1989. The band also celebrated international success with this album and landed a hit with "Do You Like It". Appearances with Whitesnake, Cheap Trick and Fleetwood Mac followed. However, there are always differences within the band. Singer Lenny Wolf records the third album Hands of Time (1991) entirely with studio musicians. For the next album Bad Image (1993), Lenny Wolf hired exclusively German rock musicians. However, the successes from the early days did not materialize. Kingdom Come subsequently released further albums. However, the band now only consists of singer Lenny Wolf. In 2004, the singer recorded the album Perpetual completely on his own. Kingdom Come still play regular concerts all over the world, but the band's significance is fading. In August 2016, Lenny Wolf announced the final end of Kingdom Come after almost 30 years.