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My Sharona Destruction 03:09
Bestial Invasion Destruction 04:37
Thrash Till Death Destruction 04:23
Born to Perish Destruction 05:20
Invincible Force Destruction 03:45
Black Death Destruction 06:39
Nailed to the Cross Destruction 03:46
United by Hatred Destruction 04:36
Black Metal Destruction, Alex 03:14
Mad Butcher Destruction 03:30

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The Butcher Strikes Back

de Destruction


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Formed in 1982, Destruction is considered one of the three kings of German thrash metal, along with Kreator and Sodom. This honorary title, and the presence of death metal elements in their music, is not enough to make Destruction a master of the genre. Indeed, since 1985 and their debut album Infernal Overkill, Destruction have not been credited with any major breakthroughs. After a long hiatus between 1990 and 1999, Destruction returned to business, remaining faithful to a style that can best be described as basic. 2012's Spiritual Genocide fits easily into a rather linear discography.