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Questo Piccolo Grande Amore Claudio Baglioni 05:37
Poster Claudio Baglioni 05:09
La vita è adesso Claudio Baglioni 05:25
Avrai Claudio Baglioni 05:21
E tu come stai? Claudio Baglioni 05:31
Io dal mare Claudio Baglioni 04:55
Ragazza di campagna Claudio Baglioni 05:19
Amore bello Claudio Baglioni 05:50
E tu... Claudio Baglioni 04:59
Fotografie Claudio Baglioni 05:11

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Capitani coraggiosi
Io sono qui
Scende la pioggia
E tu come stai?

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With more than 35 successful albums to his credit the Italian singer-songwriter Claudio Baglioni has become one of the most successful Italian language songwriters of modern times and a highly respected and influential figure within Italian popular music. He was born in Rome in 1951 and Baglioni's journey to stardom began when he was a teenager in the mid 1960s entering local talent shows and songwriting competitions.

Success came early with the release of his second album 'Un Cantastorie Dei Giorni Nostri' in 1972. The lead single from the album titled 'Questo Piccolo Grande Amore' became a hit as did many other Baglioni songs during the next two decades with numbers such as 'E Tu...', 'Amore Bello', 'Sabato Pomeriggio'and 'E Tu Come Stai' becoming popular Italian pop standards covered by numerous bands and singers throughout Italy. During his career Baglioni earned numerous music industry accolades and has accrued 12 gold and platinum accreditations selling millions of albums in the process. He continued recording well into his sixties with his most recent album release being 'Al Centro' which came out in 2018.