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Daily Notes from Nathan Cassidy

Daily comedy and piano podcast from award-winning comedian Nathan Cassidy - uplifting and thought-provoking comedy with a musical backing. ✭✭✭✭ The Times (UK) ’Star in waiting... he is untouchable’ 2021 Off West End Awards Nominee


S3 Ep85: Ed Sheeran – Salt Water
Ed Sheeran's new single will make you cry.
05:19 26/03/23
S3 Ep84: Valerie – Amy Winehouse
The tortured soul.
06:45 25/03/23
S3 Ep83: I Wrote A Song – Mae Muller
The Eurovision PR Contest.
05:12 24/03/23
S3 Ep82: Last Night – Morgan Wallen
The dick agrees to leave.
05:44 23/03/23
S3 Ep81: NewJeans – Ditto
Showing the entirety of one's underwear.
04:48 22/03/23
S3 Ep80: Everything I Love – Morgan Wallen
Everything everywhere all at once.
04:09 21/03/23
S3 Ep79: Encanto – All Of You
Hating Ewan McGregor is Impossible.
06:31 20/03/23
S3 Ep78: Big Love – Fleetwood Mac
Big love for Brendan Fraser.
05:47 19/03/23
S3 Ep77: Sure Thing - Miguel
Everything you believe is true is not.
05:22 18/03/23
S3 Ep76: American Pie – Don Mclean
My grandma's only record.
05:44 17/03/23
S3 Ep75: Harry Styles - Matilda
Fat and ugly Roald Dahl.
05:25 16/03/23
S3 Ep74: Going, Going, Gone – Luke Combs
Camilla selling The Crown Jewels.
05:43 15/03/23
S3 Ep73: NLE Choppa & 2Rare – Do It Again
I wouldn't change a single thing.
05:08 14/03/23
S3 Ep72: In Ha Mood – Ice Spice
Tell your face.
04:39 13/03/23
S3 Ep71: Dawns – Zach Bryan Featuring Maggie Rogers
The secret of eternal happiness.
05:19 12/03/23
S3 Ep70: Die For You – The Weeknd & Ariana Grande
I'm dying, you must die too.
04:46 11/03/23
S3 Ep69: Ed Sheeran - Subtract
A preview of the new album.
05:41 10/03/23
S3 Ep68: Watch The World Burn – Fallin In Reverse
Don't look up, it's just opinion.
03:29 09/03/23
S3 Ep67: About Damn Time - Lizzo
Life lessons from The Whale.
05:23 08/03/23
S3 Ep66: Ed Sheeran & Rudimental – Lay It All on Me
Hate people you don't know.
05:26 07/03/23
S3 Ep65: Robin Schulz - Titanic
Valentine's Day DISASTER!
04:36 06/03/23
S3 Ep64: Ed Sheeran – Don’t
The biggest tragedy of 9/11.
04:20 05/03/23
S3 Ep63: Harry Styles - Grapejuice
Dying in the desert in Nevada is not the time for jokes.
06:45 04/03/23
S3 Ep62: Wild As Her – Corey Kent
There's only one thing I won't joke about.
05:32 03/03/23
S3 Ep61: Harry Styles – Keep Driving
My advice to far more successful comedians.
04:27 02/03/23
S3 Ep60: Carin Leon X Grupo Frontera – Que Vuelvas
One millionth of a second.
04:39 01/03/23
S3 Ep59: Rihanna & Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For
Stop over complicating sex.
04:27 28/02/23
S3 Ep58: Unstoppable - Sia
The Play That Goes Rubbish.
04:17 27/02/23
S3 Ep57: Heart To Heart – Mac DeMarco
My dad's rubbish final words.
05:11 26/02/23
S3 Ep56: Ceilings – Lizzie McAlpine
One person's ceiling, another's floor.
05:01 25/02/23