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Trump charged under Espionage Act in secret documents case
The former US President Donald Trump has been charged with mishandling hundreds of classified documents. Also: Boris Johnson resigns as British MP with immediate effect, and 100 years of Le Mans - the world's most famous 24 hour motor race.
28:26 10/06/23
Ukraine claims to have proof Russia blew up Kakhovka dam
Scientists say there's evidence of a significant explosion in the area of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine at the same time that it was breached. Ukraine has released a recording which it says is of Russian military figures discussing how the dam was sabotaged - but this can't be verified yet. Also: Federal prosecutors in the United States have charged Donald Trump over his handling of classified documents after he left the White House, and new research suggests that there are far more people in India with diabetes than previously thought.
27:33 09/06/23
Global help arrives as Canada tackles wildfires
The smoke from the Canadian wildfires has blanketed large areas of eastern North America. Also: children stabbed in French park are in stable condition, and the largest ruby gemstone ever to come to auction sells for millions of dollars.
27:41 09/06/23
Young children critically injured in French knife attack
A 22-month-old toddler was among the victims in a playground in the alpine town of Annecy. Also: Rescue efforts continue in Ukraine after the Kakhovka dam was breached on Tuesday, and what can we expect when football superstar Lionel Messi moves to Inter Miami?
32:39 08/06/23
Hundreds of thousands without drinking water in Ukraine
Ukraine's President Zelensky calls for international help as hundreds of thousands are left without drinking water in the south after a major dam was destroyed. Also: Millions breathing hazardous air across North America, and the crocodile that made herself pregnant.
31:36 08/06/23
Ukraine dam aftermath
Thousands of people evacuated, but many are still stranded. Also: the wager that humans will live until 150 years of age and Japan debates whether to redefine rape laws.
29:09 07/06/23
Floods sweep region after huge Ukraine dam destroyed
Thousands flee floods after Nova Kakhovka dam collapse in Russian-held region of Ukraine. Also: Iran re-opens embassy in Saudi Arabia after thaw; PGA Tour and LIV Golf agree shock merger.
31:58 07/06/23
Flooding in Ukraine after dam explosion
Evacuations are underway in the Kherson region as water levels rise. Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up the Nova Kakhova dam. Moscow denies this. Also: Prince Harry is in court alleging journalists illegally gathered information about him, and the Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, the voice in The Girl from Ipanema, has died at the age of 83.
29:57 06/06/23
Ukraine launches armoured attacks along Russian front lines
President Zelensky says his country's forces are delivering 'the news Ukrainians were expecting'. Also: Apple launches a much anticipated digital headset - its first brand-new product for eight years, and with the announcement of his departure, how Edward Enninful broke boundaries as editor of British Vogue.
32:26 05/06/23
Russia claims it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive
Information on the latest fighting has not been independently verified, but questions swirl around the possible Ukrainian counter-offensive. Also: more than 180 victims of the Odisha rail disaster in India are yet to be identified, and France attempts to break the record for the largest crowd doing a dictation exam.
27:45 05/06/23
'Captured' Russian soldiers to be handed to Ukraine
Anti-Kremlin Russian paramilitaries say they captured them. Also: The deputy head of Sudan's ruling council has called for the withdrawal of all forces from the capital, Khartoum, where there has been an alarming escalation in fighting, and could gay marriage be on the cards in Thailand?
32:47 04/06/23
Signalling error may be cause of deadly India train crash
he collision is one of the worst in decades, with 288 people confirmed dead and more than a thousand injured. Also: Turkey's president appoints an orthodox economist as his new finance minister, signalling a possible change in approach to his country's economic crisis and, as Burna Boy packs out a stadium in London, we hear why Afrobeats and African tunes are taking the world by storm.
32:42 03/06/23
Train crash in India kills more than 200
Hundreds more are injured as rescue teams scramble to help. Also: Three more Europeans have been released from Iran - following a prisoner swap involving a jailed Iranian diplomat last week, and Cynthia Weil, the prolific American songwriter behind "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling", the most played song of the twentieth century, has died.
29:27 02/06/23
Multi-cancer blood test could speed up diagnosis
A blood test for more than fifty types of cancer has shown it can detect two thirds of cancers correctly. Researchers at Oxford University said although the test remains a 'work in progress' it could increase the number of cancers identified and reduce hospital tests. Also: The US Secretary of State says Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been a strategic failure, in Senegal, police surround the house of an opposition leader after a jail sentence pronounced against him sparked deadly protests, and we hear from the Manchester City football star Erling Haaland ahead of the FA cup final on Saturday.
30:50 02/06/23
US sanctions Sudanese firms for fuelling war
The US government said the sanctions would cut off key financial flows to the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces. Also: Donald Trump reportedly caught on tape talking about keeping classified document after leaving office, and a Nepali guide saves the life of a climber found in the "death zone" on Mount Everest.
32:25 02/06/23
European leaders meet to discuss continent’s safety
The war in Ukraine dominates the summit of 47 nations in Moldova. Also: Australia's most-decorated living soldier loses a historic defamation case, and the US House of Representatives passes a crucial debt deal.
33:16 01/06/23
US debt ceiling deal reaches House of Representatives
The US House of Representatives debates a bipartisan deal to raise the government's debt ceiling and avoid a damaging default. Also: Russia says heavy shelling from Ukraine is behind its decision to evacuate hundreds of children from Belgorod, and how difficult is it to make tasteless peas?
30:36 31/05/23
UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague delivers last major verdicts
The court increased prison sentences for two Serbian officials convicted of training death squads during the Bosnian war in the 1990s. Also: A BBC investigation reveals new evidence of the trauma suffered by Ukrainian children taken to Russia, and the rare albino giant anteater discovered in Brazil.
31:40 31/05/23
NATO to send 700 extra troops to Kosovo amid rising tensions
The unrest was sparked when ethnic-Albanian mayors took office in Serb-majority areas, after being elected in a vote boycotted by Serbs. Also: experts say Artificial Intelligence or AI could lead to extinction of humanity, and would you join the no washing of clothes movement?
31:31 31/05/23
Russia accuses Ukraine of 'terrorist' strike on Moscow
First multiple drone attack on city since invasion of Ukraine. Also: a former government scientist in China says the possibility that Covid-19 leaked from a laboratory should not be dismissed, and President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela visits Brazil for the first time in eight years.
30:12 30/05/23
Nato says attacks on Kosovo peacekeepers unacceptable
Serb protestors were angry at ethnic Albanian mayors being installed in Serb-majority areas. Also: Erdogan supporters celebrate win in divided Turkey, and could tea, apples and berries stave off age-related memory loss?
31:37 30/05/23
Ukraine war: Fresh attacks on Kyiv after intense drone barrage
The latest attack was unusual because it took place during the day and seemed to be targeted at the city centre. Also: New laws in Uganda mean LGBT people could face the death penalty and a musical blast from the past, as the band Sparks retake the pop scene
37:05 29/05/23
Erdogan wins Turkey's presidential election run-off
His rule now extends into a third decade. Also: President Biden holds more talks with the Republican House speaker to finalise a crucial deal to raise the US debt ceiling, and the Malaysian Prime Minister calls for an end to fawning coverage of his government and urges the press to be more critical.
32:30 28/05/23
Ukraine ready for counter-offensive against Russian forces
Claim made to the BBC by one of Ukraine's most senior security officials. Also: Turkey holds its first ever presidential run-off election, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeking to extend his rule into a third decade in the face of a strong challenge from Kemal Kilicdaroglu and, Iraq announces a seventeen-billion dollar road and rail building project to link Europe and the Gulf.
29:54 27/05/23
US condemns Kosovo government after clashes with Serb minority
Pristina is accused of undermining efforts to normalize relations with Serbia, which has puts its army on high alert. Also: a Russian border region bordering Ukraine comes under heavy bombardment, and the discovery of thousands of weird and wonderful species in an untouched area of the Pacific Ocean.
31:59 26/05/23
BBC Sudan investigation finds evidence of possible war crimes
It also found the UK embassy didn't help a British couple who lived steps away. The family said an 85-year-old man was shot by snipers before his disabled wife died of starvation. Also: An Indian government official has been suspended after ordering an entire reservoir to be drained to recover his phone and why the US city of San Francisco has appointed a drag laureate.
29:27 26/05/23
Antibiotic to treat deadly superbug discovered using AI
Breakthrough made by scientists from the US and Canada. Also: The European police agency breaks up what it calls an extremely violent gun and drug trafficking gang in an international operation, and why orcas are sinking boats off the Iberian coast.
29:15 25/05/23
Russia's Wagner mercenaries announce withdrawal from Ukraine's Bakhmut
Ukraine insists it still controls parts of the shattered city. Also: A court in Vietnam has jailed a noodle seller who made fun of one of the country’s most powerful ministers, and tributes are paid to music legend Tina Turner, we look back at her life and talent.
29:41 25/05/23
Music legend Tina Turner dies aged 83
Her unmistakable voice on hits like The Best, and Private Dancer made Tina Turner a superstar. Also: Florida governor Ron DeSantis announces he is running for US president in 2024, and brain implants help paralysed man to walk again.
32:15 25/05/23
Ukraine and US deny involvement in incursion into Russia
The Russian border region of Belgorod has once again come under attack, with drones and shellfire striking villages overnight. On Tuesday Russia claimed to have defeated a group of saboteurs who crossed the border from Ukraine. Also: Tens of thousands of students have sued their universities in the UK demanding to be refunded part of fees they paid while there were no in-person classes during the pandemic, and France is banning domestic flights for journeys that can be completed in in two and a half hours by train.
31:49 24/05/23