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The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

Anthony Jeselnik is a world famous comedian, Gregg Rosenthal is an analyst for NFL Network and they have been best friends for over 20 years. Each week, JRVP features stories from their lives, deep dives into the darkest and craziest news stories from around the world and essential recommendations to their listeners. The hilarious podcast is about friendship, family and Anthony's unquenchable desire to get Gregg in trouble with his employer and his wife.


Yippee Ki-Yay Phantom Thread
The holiday season is here and the boys are feeling festive. Anthony and Gregg talk Thanksgiving, the best way for professors to get laughs and play America’s favorite game: Phantom Thread or Die Hard? Athletic Greens Freshly Ziprecruiter Black Buffalo Code JRVP Dave Download the Dave app or go to
96:38 30/11/22
Jump Rope Feels Good
Anthony and Gregg get locked out of work, talk about a nurse gone wild and Anthony gives a special appreciation for all the JRVP listeners.  Thanks to our #sponsors: Roman Ro.Co/JRVP  Tommy John Athletic Greens 
80:05 16/11/22
Gas Bass Back Bass
Anthony and Gregg return on Election night to determine the future of democracy. (Or they talk about taking your family to Hooters and Anthony’s new tour dates.) Thank you to our #sponsors: Athletic Greens ( Freeze Pipe ( Code: JRVP Zip Recruiter ( Black Buffalo ( Code: JRVP Trade Coffee ( Freshly (
92:14 09/11/22
More Like Don't-da
Anthony and Gregg talk about Kanye West giving Anthony an incredible compliment in the midst of Kanye’s downfall. Gregg also annoys Anthony more than usual while they discuss the most trenchant stories of the week.  Thank you to our #sponsors: Athletic Greens ( Mizzen and Main ( CODE: JRVP) Private Internet Access (
80:53 26/10/22
Big Dog Cardigan Boy
It’s Late Night … with Anthony Jeselnik.  Gregg drags Anthony and Aaron into the studio deep into the night to get ROCKED by another industry-exploding scandal.  Little dogs bite! 
94:47 19/10/22
Dead Donkey Dick Dealers
Anthony and Gregg are back together in the studio and loving a life filled with Anthony’s tales from the road, relationship advice and Smelly Dead Donkey Dicks. 
87:36 12/10/22
Your Luck Is Like A Rollercoaster, Baby-Baby
Anthony and Gregg are back together, but not really. The guys hit on Adam Sander paying Anthony respect, Gregg’s trip to London and just the right amount of 90’s rap. 
92:17 05/10/22
Mailbag Spectacular #4!
Mail, Mail, and MORE Mail!
81:04 27/09/22
Here I Am, Rock You Like An Anal Bead
Anthony visits Notre Dame and the chess world is ROCKED by a scandal involving anal beads. Episode 175 is like a party in the psych ward and all the JRVP listeners are invited! 
97:48 21/09/22
Salsa's Not My Real Dad
On a very special episode of JRVP, the healing power of salsa conquers all (Except prematurely buried toddlers, Martha Stewart’s sex life, and Anthony’s athletic prowess).
103:19 14/09/22
Suitcase Full Of Pearl Necklaces
Anthony describes what it’s like to be Kanye West’s favorite comedian and introduces The Butthole Challenge all in one powerful episode. New videos drop Wednesdays on Anthony’s Youtube page and our new merch is available on his website. 
98:23 07/09/22
Death To Pickleball
There are no sacred cows on this episode of JRVP, just sacred elephants. Birthday boys, herpes influencers and pickleballers all face Anthony and Gregg’s wrath. New videos drop Wednesday nights on Anthony’s Youtube page and our new merch is available on his website. 
98:35 31/08/22
Let The Curls Shine
Anthony is looking fresh and feeling fresh in this loaded episode. The guys hit the morality of cheating, getting buried alive and try their hand at ASMR. The show drops Anthony’s Youtube channel Wednesday nights and rep the show with the new JRVP merch.
95:28 24/08/22
Spencer Cannon: Choking On A Tombstone
It’s our Merch-i-sode. After 170 episodes, Merch is here. BUY IT! Anthony and Gregg also discover the most badass Sheriff in Utah and Anthony’s joy of not having kids. 
93:33 17/08/22
That Was 55 Years Ago, Babe.
Anthony and Gregg are back for Studio Session 2 like a killer lightning strike. The Vice Presidents talk about all the hands on Aaron Rodgers, being late for work and Anthony opening for Your Old Droog. Liz spruces up the studio; check it if you dare on Anthony's YouTube Page
100:52 10/08/22
Video Killed The Radio Star
Anthony and Gregg have made the move to the All Things Comedy studio and everything is different now. Anthony’s tour announcement (at goes wrong, as does a 17-year-old’s tubing trip in Wisconsin, as does an amusement park ride in Tennessee. What doesn’t go wrong: The maiden voyage to the ATC studio, which goes gangbusters. Check us out on YouTube too, if you dare! 
96:31 03/08/22
The Good Son Next of Kin
A boy throwing rocks off a bridge onto cars gets shot in the abdomen by a crossbow, a robot breaks a little boys finger while playing chess, and a bride was shot in the head during a celebratory gunfire at her wedding.   
76:47 27/07/22
Not All Heroes End Up Being Successful
An elderly woman falls in a country club pond and is eaten by alligators, a man serves his amputated foot to his friends in tacos, and a honey brand is recalled when the ingredient to help ED was discovered inside.   
90:57 20/07/22
A Night at the Mew-Zeem
A Pregnant Texas woman tells an officer her unborn child is a person when caught driving in the HOV lane, Howie Mandel traumatized the internet with an anal prolapse video, and a missing man that fell into a shredder is found by the coroners office.  Gregg is recording from Japan & Erica has the most chaotic day ever. Trigger Warning: chaos. 
99:51 13/07/22
Rummy Hates Fireworks Now
A DJ is slammed for playing song for prom queen with no working legs, an alleged threesome leads to a 60 person brawl on a cruise and a drunk wedding guest nearly sets venue on fire and continues dancing.  Use code JRVP for 10% off at with code JRVP for 10% off  Go to for 20% off your first purchase. Visit for a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.
74:26 06/07/22
Doctor Butthole Vagina
A Judge acquitted a doctor for sexual assault because "women can't tell the difference from anus and vagina". A man was arrested after bag of human bones was found in his basement and a millionaire gave it all up to live on a deserted island with two mannequins.     
76:21 29/06/22
That Monkey Is A Cop
A woman was found eaten by her 20 cats after dying in her home, a monkey in a bullet proof vest was found dead after a cartel shoot, and the CDC offers advice: masturbate together while social distancing.   Visit for a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. Right now, Freshly is offering $125 off your first five orders at FRESHLY.COM/JRVP. Go to to get $20 off your first purchase
93:08 22/06/22
Your Third Eye Is Your Butthole
An elephant tramples woman to death and then attacks her corpse at her funeral, Putin's bodyguards collect and carry his poop back to Russia and a woman claims she caught an STD from a car & Geico could pay her out $5.2 million
77:07 15/06/22
Make His Mom A Genie
A woman is charged for throwing her boyfriend's mother's ashes into a lake, a man is dragged off a plane after urinating on his brother during a fist fight, and a man is stabbed over some video game revenge. 
102:04 08/06/22
The Love Scene in Top Gun: Maverick
A Pennsylvania man who sought treatment for jaw pain murders his chiropractor. The author of "how to murder your husband" blog was convicted of murdering her husband and a movie theatre chain accidentally showed porn to sold out auditoriums across the country instead of pay per view WWE wrestling. 
81:25 01/06/22
Kill My Mom, Clean My House
A teacher who replaced  a fired sex crime teacher commits sex crimes herself, a woman befriended her mom's killer and then he killed her and an immigration officer was fired for putting his wife he didn't like on the terrorist list. In Erica's Corner we play a new song from DJ $crilla. 
93:23 25/05/22
Not all Draculas are Morbiuses
A man dies of a heart attack while burying a woman in his backyard, a man injures his friend while doing donuts in his car and a Fitbit helped to convict a man who killed his wife after getting his girlfriend pregnant. 
90:09 18/05/22
Golden Retrievers are Garbage
A man accused of killing his wife wins the GOP primary from jail, a mother fell in love with her son and "the sex is mind blowing!" and a woman with two vaginas defies all odds and gives birth.     
77:04 11/05/22
The Man with the Penis on His--PENGUINS WIN!!!
Is it okay to go through your partner's phone? A man’s penis fell off but regrew back on his arm, a naked man fell from the ceiling in the women's restroom and a man was found with a kilogram of gold stuffed up his bottom.    Visit to check out their freezable pipes and bongs GO TO KEEPS.COM/JRVP TO GET YOUR FIRST MONTH OF TREATMENT FOR FREE. 
81:54 04/05/22
21 Pilots Cover Band
A Danish man was caught with 21 vaginas in his freezer, a Washington woman is rescued after falling face first into toilet to retrieve her phone and a Florida Bride and caterer are charged with lacing wedding food with weed. Right now Allform is offering 20% off all orders for our listeners at ALLFORM.COM/jrvp Visit for a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. Head to to get $50 when you invest with Titan. Go to and take their quiz to find coffee you love
111:39 27/04/22