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What's possible when the arts belong to everybody | Lear deBessonet with Brian Stokes Mitchell
With huge, city-wide casts from an array of communities, theater director Lear deBessonet's productions illuminate the unique power of the arts to transform our lives through collective expression. She explores the power of spectacle to inspire awe, connect individuals and heal loneliness with tangible, life-changing results. In a dramatic moment, deBessonet's message comes to life when Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell takes the stage for a dazzling performance of "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)," accompanied by pianist Todd Almond, the MEI Screaming Eagles Marching Band and some surprise vocalists.
16:55 22/07/24
Sunday Pick: How much water do you actually need a day?
Glowing skin, increased energy, higher mental function and weight loss: These are just a few of the benefits we have been promised for the low cost of 8 glasses of water a day. But can this magical elixir really do all that it claims? Dr. Jen Gunter takes us behind the fascinating (and scandalous) history of hydration pseudoscience, unpacks the investigative report that ROCKED the beverage industry, and sits down with a nephrologist who tells us what's fact and what's fiction about our kidneys. It will quench your thirst for the truth about hydration. You can read the text transcript for this episode at
34:10 21/07/24
How to claim your leadership power | Michael Timms
When faced with challenges, do you often seek someone else to blame? Leadership expert Michael Timms shows why this instinct is counterproductive, highlighting three effective habits of self-accountability that will empower you and others to make positive change — whether at home or at work.
12:45 20/07/24
Bravery, brilliance and RuPaul Charles | On the Spot
In the debut of TED's new "On the Spot" rapid-fire Q&A format, Emmy-winning television superstar and drag icon RuPaul Charles answers questions about bravery, brilliance and more — all with his signature wit and wisdom. Get a glimpse inside RuPaul's head and hear his thoughts on the power of drag, the best way to slay, the most important personality trait -- and the best advice he's ever been given. (Featuring an equally rapid-fire Q&A with TED's Helen Walters.)
09:48 19/07/24
Why young people are worse off than their parents — and what to do about it | Scott Galloway and Chris Anderson
In this special conversation, NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway and head of TED Chris Anderson dive deeper into Galloway’s explosive recent TED Talk, which has been seen by millions and ignited conversations about what he calls “the great intergenerational theft,” or how older generations are stealing prosperity from the young. With razor-sharp insights on the skyrocketing cost of housing, the mental health crisis created by social media, reckless government spending and more, Galloway explores bold solutions to the most pressing issues facing young people — and delivers a few spectacular rants along the way. (If you’ve already seen Galloway's TED Talk, skip ahead to 20:25.)
56:19 18/07/24
Quantum computers aren’t what you think — they’re cooler | Hartmut Neven
Quantum computers obtain superpowers by tapping into parallel universes, says Hartmut Neven, the founder and lead of Google Quantum AI. He explains how this emerging tech can far surpass traditional computers by relying on quantum physics rather than binary logic, and shares a roadmap to build the ultimate quantum computer. Learn how this fascinating and powerful tech can help humanity take on seemingly unsolvable problems in medicine, sustainable energy, AI, neuroscience and more.
11:29 17/07/24
Can America come together after the Trump assassination attempt? | Ian Bremmer
In this urgent conversation, president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media Ian Bremmer joins TED’s Helen Walters to discuss the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump and its profound implications for American politics and democracy. Listen for the latest on the shooting’s political ramifications, the heightened polarization and disinformation in the US electoral cycle and answers to broader questions about leadership and unity in a divided nation.
37:29 16/07/24
My search for proof aliens exist | Avi Loeb
Why have we not yet found proof of alien life? According to astrophysicist Avi Loeb, we simply haven't dedicated the proper resources. Diving into unidentified phenomena such as the Oumuamua asteroid, he explores his scientific search for extraterrestrial technology, envisioning a future where a higher interstellar intelligence helps us improve life here on Earth.
17:16 15/07/24
Sunday Pick: Mexico City
Each Sunday, TED shares an episode of another podcast we think you'll love, handpicked for you… by us. Today we're sharing a special episode of Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala.Harnessing the creativity of a megalopolis isn't easy, but Mexico City shows us how it's done. Follow a real-life superhero who dons a luchador mask and cape to protect his fellow residents from speeding cars, learn how citizens are hacking their way to a better public transport system, and see what it takes to crowd-source a constitution from a city with 21 million minds. 
21:52 14/07/24
How farmworkers are fighting extreme heat | Jon Esformes and Gerardo Reyes Chávez
Farm labor is hot, backbreaking and dangerous work. To protect workers from extreme heat and workplace exploitation, farmworker Gerardo Reyes Chávez has teamed up with farm manager Jon Esformes for a unique partnership. Learn how their collaborative model is keeping farmworkers safe and creating a blueprint for more modern, humane working conditions for the world's laborers.
16:08 13/07/24
3 ideas for communicating across the political divide | Isaac Saul
How does language shape our politics? Journalist Isaac Saul explores how subtle word choices can inhibit productive dialogue about significant issues — and shows how small (but important) changes can help us all have better conversations with people who think differently than us.
13:27 12/07/24
The alchemy of pop | Kesha
"You can write a song and you can not tell the truth, but your song will suck," says pop star Kesha. So what's the secret to making a great pop song? She explains the special alchemy of her own hits like "TiK ToK" and "Praying" and gives a stunning debut performance of her new song, "Cathedral." (Note: This talk contains mature language.)
13:40 11/07/24
The fight over minerals for green energy — and a better way forward | Saleem Ali
To transition to clean energy and green technology like electric cars, the world needs massive amounts of essential minerals. Environmental peacemaker Saleem Ali explains the conflicts already arising between countries rushing to mine and extract these precious minerals — and shows how the world can find a way to cooperate rather than fight resource wars.
12:26 10/07/24
AI that connects the digital and physical worlds | Anima Anandkumar
“While language models may help generate new ideas, they cannot attack the hard part of science, which is simulating the necessary physics,” says AI professor Anima Anandkumar. She explains how her team developed neural operators — AI trained on the finest details of the real world — to bridge this gap, sharing recent projects ranging from improved weather forecasting to cutting-edge medical device design that demonstrate the power of AI with universal physical understanding.
11:06 09/07/24
Lessons from my father’s final days | Laurel Braitman
"Life is an endless sushi conveyor belt of things that are going to test you and teach you at the same time," says writer Laurel Braitman. Exploring the relationship between bravery and fear, she shares hard-won wisdom on love, loss, self-forgiveness and how to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions.
14:08 08/07/24
Reducing toxic polarization – one conversation at a time | Dave Isay
For the past 20 years StoryCorps has been traveling the country gathering the stories and wisdom of ordinary Americans and archiving them at the Library of Congress. StoryCorps founder Dave Isay — winner of the 2015 TED Prize — has created an unprecedented document of the dreams and fears that touch us all. In an interview with Elise, Dave shares about a new project, One Small Step, which aims to help reduce toxic polarization – one conversation at a time. 
18:27 07/07/24
The secret ingredients of great hospitality | Will Guidara
Restaurateur Will Guidara's life changed when he decided to serve a two-dollar hot dog in his fancy four-star restaurant, creating a personalized experience for some out-of-town customers craving authentic New York City street food. The move earned such a positive reaction that Guidara began pursuing this kind of "unreasonable hospitality" full-time, seeking out ways to create extraordinary experiences and give people more than they could ever possibly expect. In this funny and heartwarming talk, he shares three steps to crafting truly memorable moments centered in human connection – no matter what business you're in.
15:05 06/07/24
Could psychedelics help patients in therapy? | Benjamin Lewis
It's time to make psychiatry more psychedelic, says psychiatrist Benjamin Lewis. Sharing results from his clinical trial on psychedelic-assisted therapy, he highlights how group therapy paired with the safe use of psilocybin, a compound found in magic mushrooms, has the potential to improve mental health conditions like depression and burnout.
13:21 05/07/24
Democracy requires disagreement. Here's how to do it better | Bret Stephens and Yordanos Eyoel
As authoritarian leaders challenge democratic institutions around the world, some people are questioning whether democracy is even the best political system. In a wide-ranging conversation, writer Bret Stephens and social entrepreneur Yordanos Eyoel discuss why democracy is still our best hope — and offer ways we can learn to disagree more effectively in order to strengthen our societies.
16:45 04/07/24
Magic and wonder in the age of AI | David Kwong
With AI everywhere you look, you may think you've seen it all. Magician David Kwong suggests otherwise, proposing advancements in technology actually increase opportunities for wonder. In an entertaining performance, he invites an audience member on stage to exhibit the mind-reading magic of ChatGPT — and explores how tech elevates our capacity for awe.
15:38 03/07/24
A 3-step guide to believing in yourself | Sheryl Lee Ralph
Sheryl Lee Ralph is a force, delivering iconic performances both on stage and screen. But she didn't always know if she'd make it big. In a lively talk sparkling with actionable advice, she shares how her struggles taught her what it takes to believe in herself -- and how we can all find the self-confidence to keep moving forward.
15:55 02/07/24
Next up for AI? Dancing robots | Catie Cuan
Would you tango with a robot? Inviting us into the fascinating world of dancing machines, robot choreographer Catie Cuan highlights why teaching robots to move with grace, intention and emotion is essential to creating AI-powered machines we will want to welcome into our daily lives.
10:39 01/07/24
TED Talks Daily Book Club: Horse Barbie | Geena Rocero
This is our first episode of a new series — the TED Talks Daily Book Club. Join Elise as she interviews TED speakers about their books and their ideas beyond the page. First up: Geena Rocero, an award-winning producer, model, director and the author of "Horse Barbie: A Memoir." A stunning narrative at the center of transgender history and activism, Rocero's story of survival, love, celebration and pure joy is the kind of book you won't want to put down.This interview was recorded live as part of the TED Membership program. TED Members are invited to attend our live recordings and participate in Q&As with authors. To join in on the fun, sign up at
26:47 30/06/24
A street librarian's quest to bring books to everyone | Storybook Maze
As a self-proclaimed radical street librarian, Storybook Maze makes books appear where they're scarce. Through initiatives like free, public book vending machines and street corner story times, she eliminates book deserts — or areas with limited access to literature — by making books accessible for children in underserved communities. (And in case you're wondering, she shares how you can become a radical street librarian, too.)
10:07 29/06/24
Lessons from people already adapting to the climate crisis | Dorcas Naishorua
The Maasai people have lived sustainably off the savanna for centuries, raising cattle for sustenance and income. Climate activist Dorcas Naishorua paints a picture of how the climate crisis is threatening their way of life — and calls for local and international support as they're forced to adapt to a changing environment.
09:05 28/06/24
The hidden danger of lead in soil | Yvette Cabrera
There's an invisible health threat right under our feet, says investigative journalist Yvette Cabrera. She digs into the pervasive problem of lead contamination in soil — a particular risk for children in cities — and shares her action plan to map urban soils and help create healthier communities.
13:38 27/06/24
The last 6 decades of AI — and what comes next | Ray Kurzweil
How will AI improve our lives in the years to come? From its inception six decades ago to its recent exponential growth, futurist Ray Kurzweil highlights AI’s transformative impact on various fields and explains his prediction for the singularity: the point at which human intelligence merges with machine intelligence.
13:46 26/06/24
How you could see inside your body — with a micro-robot | Alex Luebke, Vivek Kumbhari
Would you swallow a micro-robot? In a gutsy demo, physician Vivek Kumbhari navigates Pillbot, a wireless, disposable robot swallowed onstage by engineer Alex Luebke, modeling how this technology can swiftly provide direct visualization of internal organs. Learn more about how micro-robots could move us past the age of invasive endoscopies and open up doors to more comfortable, affordable medical imaging. (This talk contains medical imagery.)
10:19 25/06/24
A scientific breakthrough that could transform how we produce food | David Friedberg
Agriculture fundamentally changed the way humans live — but at a cost, using up huge tracts of land and wreaking havoc on the environment, even as millions still go hungry. Entrepreneur and investor David Friedberg paints a picture of the evolution of agriculture and introduces a scientific breakthrough — "boosted breeding" — that might just transform how the world produces food. (This conversation was recorded live with head of TED Chris Anderson.)
67:14 24/06/24
Sunday Pick: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on facing impostor syndrome and taking criticism
 Each Sunday, TED shares an episode of another podcast we think you'll love, handpicked for you… by us. Today we're sharing a special episode of ReThinking with Adam Grant.Justin Trudeau has served as the Prime Minister of Canada since 2015. And there’s a lot to dig into from his years in office — and from his life before, as well. Adam sits down with him to discuss lessons learned about leadership. The Prime Minister opens up for the first time about his early struggles with impostor syndrome and how he maintains his motivation in the face of disapproval and criticism today. He also shares how he encourages people to speak truth to power, where his team is challenging him to improve right now, why he considered quitting, and what keeps him awake at night.  Get more ReThinking with Adam Grant wherever you get your podcasts.Transcripts for ReThinking are available at      
40:05 23/06/24

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