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Mid-Year Check In and Review B2+
It's the perfect time to look at your goals and analyse what is the best way to achieve your objectives before the end of the year. Look on our website ( to download the PDF for this fun writing activity. Es el momento perfecto para mirar tus objetivos y analizar cuál es la mejor manera de alcanzarlos antes de que acabe el año. Busque en nuestro sitio web ( para descargar el PDF de esta divertida actividad de escritura.  
35:31 27/06/24
It-Clauses for Speaking B1
It-Clauses are an easy way to emphasize information when speaking. This simple grammar point uses ‘it’ and ‘when’, for example: I love it when…
08:35 20/06/24
Interesting Facts about South Africa B2+
South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation due to its diverse and multicultural society. Let's look at some interesting facts about what makes this country so special.
22:17 13/06/24
Fixed Expressions - C2
Today we are looking at 9 (plus a few bonus) fixed expressions with ‘and’, specifically for C2 students. For example, 'life and death'.
07:48 06/06/24
Phrasal Verbs for Work
Los phrasal verbs son una forma natural de comunicación en inglés. Aquí tienes 10 phrasal verbs que puedes utilizar en el trabajo.  Phrasal Verbs are a natural form of communication in English. Here are 10 phrasal verbs that you can use in a work environment.  
10:44 30/05/24
AEIOU - Long and Short Vowel Sounds
When spelling words in English, a lot of Spanish speakers have problems with the vowel sounds, especially A E I because, for example, Spanish i sounds like the capital letter E in English. Let's look at the pronunciation of the A E I O U sounds in English.
13:10 23/05/24
B1 Dictations #1
Here are two B1 dictations for you to practise your listening and writing. Don’t forget to download the transcript to check if you did the dictation correctly!  Aquí tienes dos dictados B1 para que practiques la comprensión auditiva y la escritura. ¡No olvides descargar la transcripción para comprobar si hiciste el dictado correctamente!  
12:12 16/05/24
B2 Cambridge Speaking Part 2
Download the transcript for this episode so that you have all the necessary information to help you pass this part of the Cambridge exam! ¡Descarga la transcripción de este episodio para que tengas toda la información necesaria para ayudarte a aprobar esta parte del examen de Cambridge!  
29:54 09/05/24
How to pass the LanguageCert B2 Speaking exam
Anthony talks about the Language Cert B2 speaking exam and gives some tips and advice on how to take each part.  There is also a video on our youtube channel if you would like to see the full presentation
35:09 02/05/24
Let's Chat! - Getting to Know Anthony Cockings
Today's episode is a dialogue between Aurelia and Anthony. Conversations between natives is a great way to improve your listening skills! El episodio de hoy es un diálogo entre Aurelia y Anthony. ¡Las conversaciones entre nativos son una excelente manera de mejorar tus habilidades de listening!
22:24 25/04/24
Past Simple - Grammar Refresh + Pronunciation
In general, the Past Simple is quite easy. However, there are two difficult aspects: regular VS irregular verbs and the pronunciation of ¨ed¨ regular verbs.  This is what we are going to focus on in this podcast. 
28:31 18/04/24
Name That Job! - Let´s Play
An important skill in language is being able to explain a word without saying the word - paraphrasing. So let's play Taboo! Guess the name of the job that Aurelia describes.   Una habilidad importante en el lenguaje es ser capaz de explicar una palabra sin decir la palabra, parafraseando. ¡Así que juguemos a Taboo! Adivina el nombre del trabajo que Aurelia describe.  
22:31 11/04/24
Phrasal Verbs for the Speaking Exam B1/B2
Phrasal Verbs are extremely important to show that you have a good level of spoken English. These are the basic phrasal verbs that Teacher Aurelia expects you to use in the speaking exam, if possible.
11:01 04/04/24
Murcia Spring Week
Springtime in Murcia, Spain, is a vibrant tapestry woven with colorful traditions, joyful celebrations, and a deep-rooted sense of community. As the flowers bloom and the temperatures rise, the region comes alive with a series of captivating festivals that capture the essence of Spanish culture. Let's embark on a journey to explore these lively and enchanting springtime celebrations.  
08:54 28/03/24
The Complicated A Sounds
In this Pronunciation Clinic series, we have done 4 episodes on different sounds. Today we are focusing on 6 different sounds that we use for A.  En esta serie de Clínica de Pronunciación, hemos realizado 4 episodios sobre diferentes sonidos. Hoy nos centraremos en 6 sonidos diferentes que usamos para A.  
18:06 21/03/24
Fun Facts about Ireland B2+
Ireland is a country steeped in rich history, with vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. So, whether you're sipping a cup of tea or enjoying a pint of Guinness, get ready to dive into some interesting facts about this beautiful nation. Irlanda es un país lleno de rica historia, cultura vibrante y paisajes impresionantes. Entonces, ya sea que estés tomando una taza de té o disfrutando de una pinta de Guinness, prepárate para sumergirte en algunos datos interesantes sobre esta hermosa nación.  
11:32 14/03/24
Frequency Adverbs And Expressions
This week’s podcast focuses on adverbs of frequency and frequency expressions. It’s a good idea to refresh your grammar “every now and then” - de vez en cuando.  Have a look at our blog. Teacher Jack has created an activity worksheet for you to complete.  El podcast de esta semana se centra en los adverbios de frecuencia y las expresiones de frecuencia. Es una buena idea actualizar tu gramática “every now and then” - de vez en cuando. Dale un vistazo a nuestro blog. El profesor Jack ha creado una hoja de actividades para que usted la complete.  
10:52 07/03/24
Opinionated Vocabulary B2+
La profesora Aurelia comparte vocabulario util, para usar palabras más enriquecidas y sustituirlas por “yo pienso” y “en mi opinión”. Esta es una oportunidad perfecta para que demuestres tu nivel de conversación sin ningún esfuerzo. Enriquecer tu vocabulario consiste en construir una base de lenguaje que te permita mantener conversaciones con confianza, ya sea para impresionar al examinador o a tus compañeros.
17:51 29/02/24
Going To The Doctor - B1
Going to the doctor can be scary. Talking to a doctor in a different language is even more scary! Today, Aurelia goes through the basic vocabulary that you need to know when going to the doctor and what the doctor might say to you.  This isn’t ‘emergency situation/hospital’ vocab.This is the type of vocabulary when you have the flu, etc.  Ir al médico da miedo. ¡Hablar con un médico en otro idioma da aún más miedo!  Hoy, Aurelia repasa el vocabulario básico que necesitas saber cuando vas al médico y lo que el médico podría decirte.  Este no es un vocabulario de “situación de emergencia/hospital”. Este es el tipo de vocabulario cuando tienes gripe, etc.    
14:59 22/02/24
Love in Language - Phrases and Expressions C1+
Join Teacher Aurelia as she unravels the nuances of affection, romance, and connection in the English language. Whether you're a language learner or a language lover, this episode is designed to enrich your vocabulary, enhance your expressions, and infuse your conversations with the magic of love. Get ready to explore the words and phrases that capture the essence of romance in English, making your language journey not just educational, but heartwarmingly enjoyable!   Here are about 50 phrases and expressions connected to love!  
28:11 15/02/24
The Schwa Sound
In this episode of the Pronunciation Clinic, teacher Aurelia looks at a very important sound in English, the lazy sound schwa. We use this a lot in English with words like: banana, president, apple, comfortable By improving our pronunciation we also improve our listening skills because if we know how to pronounce it we know how it sounds.   En este episodio de la Clínica de Pronunciación, la profesora Aurelia analiza un sonido muy importante en inglés, el sonido perezoso “schwa”. Usamos esto mucho en inglés con palabras como: banana, president, apple, comfortable Al mejorar nuestra pronunciación también mejoramos nuestra capacidad de escucha porque si sabemos pronunciarla sabemos cómo suena.  
14:37 08/02/24
State Verbs - Grammar Refresh
Teacher Aurelia revises the use of State Verbs in today’s episode. It’s important to have a good foundation of grammar so that we can build on it when we start learning more complicated grammar in the future.
15:31 01/02/24
Error Correction for Spanish Speakers B1/B2
Teacher Aurelia goes through some typical errors that students make when speaking in English, from using the wrong preposition to directly translating from Spanish to English.   By correcting these small mistakes, you will quickly improve your control of your speaking and appear more fluent!  
13:23 25/01/24
The Long and Short U sounds
Teacher Aurelia looks at the two basic types of the ‘U’ sound. Even though a word may be spelled with ‘oo’, it may be pronounced in different ways. For example, short - book and long - food.  Pronunciation is an important aspect in gaining fluency in English so it is worth taking a look at these sounds, understanding the differences  and mastering them.   You can download the transcript and a worksheet of this episode from our blog.  
14:13 07/12/23
Body Language - From Head to Toe C1
Aurelia gets into teacher mode and shares over 20 different body idioms and expressions to use in speaking for the advanced levels. Even if you don’t personally use them whilst talking, most probably you will come across these with other English speakers as well as when watching films or series. The Spanish translation as well as an exercise can be found on our blog.  
22:47 30/11/23
BLACK FRIDAY Vocabulary, Expressions & Idioms
Today teacher Anthony teaches you some handy BLACK FRIDAY vocabulary which you can use to talk about the amazing offers available during this period. 1. A steal:   2. For a song:   3. Penny-wise and pound-foolish:   4. Dirt cheap:   5. Bang for your buck:   6. Half-price:   7. On sale like hotcakes   8. Cheap as chips   9. A bargain    10. Good deal   There is a full Black Friday Blog post on our blog
05:51 23/11/23
Present Simple VS Present Continuous
Teacher Aurelia revises the basics of Present Simple and Present Continuous, focusing on the Why, When and How of each grammar point. She focuses on the clues of each tense and some questions for you to answer.  There is a connecting blog for you to look at with some exercises for you to practise as well as the answers to the final grammar activity that she gives you.  
16:02 16/11/23
Tongue twisters (Trabalenguas) in English B2/C1
La profesora Aurelia comparte tres trabalenguas, de fácil a difícil, centrándose en muchos de los sonidos vocálicos difíciles con los que luchan las personas no nativas. Puedes descargar el guión para ver los trabalenguas escritos y traducidos al español en nuestro blog Al mejorar nuestra pronunciación también mejoramos nuestra capacidad de escucha porque si sabemos pronunciarla sabemos cómo suena. --------------- Teacher Aurelia shares three tongue twisters, from easy to difficult, focusing on many of the difficult vowel sounds that non-native speakers struggle with.  You can download the script to see the written and Spanish-translated tongue twisters. By improving our pronunciation we also improve our listening skills because if we know how to pronounce it we know how it sounds.  
12:21 09/11/23
The Long and Short E sound in English
La profesora Aurelia os muestra dos sonidos muy difíciles de diferenciar para la mayoría de hispanohablantes; el sonido "ee" largo y corto. El sonido corto no existe en español y muchas palabras suenan igual, pero en realidad son diferentes; por ejemplo “sit” y “seat” ¡Esto puede llevar a una situación incómoda, ya que muchas personas podrían decir “bitch” y “beach” de la misma manera! Pequeñas mejoras en nuestra pronunciación es lo que marca la diferencia entre sonar como un hablante nativo de inglés y alguien que tiene dificultades para comunicarse bien. ------------- Teacher Aurelia goes through two sounds that are very difficult to differentiate between for the majority of Spanish speakers; the long and short ee sound.  The short sound doesn’t exist in Spanish and many words sound the same but are actually different; for example “sit”and “seat”. This can lead to social faux pas because many people say “bitch” and “beach” in the same way! Small improvements in our pronunciation is what makes the difference between sounding like a native English speaker and someone who struggles to communicate well.   
07:29 02/11/23
Unmasking Halloween: A Journey into its Spooky History - Level B2+
La profesora Aurelia nos traslada a los interesantes orígenes de Halloween con muchas palabras nuevas para enriquecer tu vocabulario. La celebración de Halloween se ha convertido en un festival internacional, por lo que comprender cómo comenzó esta espeluznante festividad puede considerarse una parte crucial del aprendizaje del idioma inglés. Como beneficio adicional, puedes encontrar la transcripción con todo el vocabulario marcado en negrita en nuestro blog: ------------- Teacher Aurelia takes us through the interesting origins of Halloween with lots of new words to enrich your vocabulary. The celebration of Halloween has become an international festival so understanding how this spooky festivity began can be considered a crucial part of learning the English language.  As an added bonus, you can find the transcript with all the new vocabulary marked in bold on our blog at   
06:45 26/10/23

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