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Musician since teenage years, teacher in Mystical Arts and certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union for Teaching, Demonstrating, Speaking and Reading. Other than that, an approachable normal guy, married and working in IT.


DIWALI and Muladhara - Releasing Deep Seated Fears And Allowing Light To Transform Them
The Scorpio New Moon, during the time of Diwali, can create a potent and transformative energy that may influence your Base Chakra (Muladhara). Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time of celebration and spiritual significance in Hindu traditions, and the astrological aspects during this period can further amplify the energetic vibrations "I release fears that no longer serve me, cultivating courage and resilience in the face of life's uncertainties."
15:29 12-11-2023
Manipura Chakra - Structuring The Creative Flow (Scorpio 9-10 November 2023)
The square aspect between Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces can create a tension between expansive, creative thinking and the need for structure and discipline. This tension may encourage you to balance your creativity with a more organized approach to your creative endeavors. To enhance the balance and energy flow in your Navel Chakra during this time, practice creative expression, self-confidence, and emotional discipline. Explore philosophical and intuitive insights to add depth to your creative pursuits. This will help you make the most of these planetary influences while keeping your Navel Chakra in harmony. "I cultivate emotional discipline and focus in my creative pursuits, channeling my emotions effectively to stay on course and achieve my creative goals."
13:52 08-11-2023
Solar Plexus Chakra - Self Care And Harmonious Relationships (Scorpio 7-8 November 2023)
The combination of Scorpio and Libra energies encourages you to balance your personal power (Solar Plexus) with your interactions and partnerships (Libra). This can lead to a harmonious approach to assertiveness and cooperation. Ask yourself: what areas of my life would benefit from self-transformation and the release of old beliefs or patterns that may be hindering my self-esteem? You can use the following affirmation: "I express my needs and desires with diplomacy and clarity, promoting balanced interactions and effective communication."
12:43 06-11-2023
Heart Chakra - Emotional Experiences And Transformative Love
Your Heart Chakra is the center of love, compassion, and emotional balance. With these planetary energies, you may experience intellectual curiosity and unconventional thinking. This influence may require you to balance your thoughts and emotions, ensuring that your heart remains open and receptive. You may feel a stronger sense of emotional responsibility and maturity. This can lead to a more structured and stable approach to relationships and self-love. You are encouraged to feel deep emotional connections and transformative experiences in your relationships. This can lead to a more profound and authentic expression of love from your Heart Chakra. To enhance the balance and energy flow in your Heart Chakra during this time, practice self-love, cultivate deep and meaningful connections in your relationships, and remain open to transformative experiences and emotions. This will help you make the most of these planetary influences while keeping your Heart Chakra in harmony "I practice self-care and nurturing routines that maintain emotional balance and promote deep, meaningful connections in my relationships, allowing my heart to radiate love and joy."
15:18 03-11-2023
Throat Chakra - Sharing What Is Personal (Scorpio 2/3 November 2023)
The opposition of Venus in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces, along with the exact opposition of the Sun and Jupiter, can create an intriguing energy that may have an impact on your Throat Chakra (Vishuddha). Let's explore how these planetary aspects might influence your communication, self-expression, and the Throat Chakra. How can I embrace both the practical and spiritual dimensions of communication in my relationships and interactions? Affirmation "My communication is clear, authentic, and aligned with my true self, allowing my Throat Chakra to flow with ease."
12:54 01-11-2023
Third Eye - Gaining Intuitive Insights (Scorpio 31/1 November 2023)
The alignment of the Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo trining Uranus can have a significant impact on your Third Eye Chakra and your ability to gain intuitive insights. This configuration encourages reflection, communication, and an expansion of your consciousness. Venus in Virgo brings a practical and analytical approach to relationships and values. With Venus trining Uranus, there’s a harmonious flow of energy, indicating that your relationships and values may undergo sudden and unexpected changes. This can stimulate your intellectual and intuitive faculties. You may experience a surge of intuitive insights, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your relationships, values, and your place in the world.
13:43 31-10-2023
Loving Kindness Meditation
Loving Kindness Meditation by Edwin van der Hoeven
17:13 30-10-2023
Crown Chakra - Scorpio - Aligning Spiritual With Physical Body
Lunar eclipses are associated with releasing and letting go. This can be a time for shedding old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve your spiritual growth. It's a period of introspection and introspective insights. Ask yourself: what aspects of my spiritual journey need to be released during this lunar eclipse to make space for new growth and enlightenment? Affirmation: "I embrace the transformative energies of this lunar eclipse and harmonize my spiritual insights with the physical world, creating balance and enlightenment."
14:23 29-10-2023
Third Eye Chakra And Visualizing Future Goals - 25/26 October 2023
The Third Eye Chakra is associated with perception, intuition, and inner wisdom. When the Sun trines Saturn in Scorpio, it can lead to increased mental clarity and insight. You may find it easier to access your intuition and make well-informed decisions.
12:59 25-10-2023
Throat Chakra And Determination For Manifesting Goals - 24/25 October 2023
During the Sun trine Saturn aspect and the Sun's entry into Scorpio, you can ask yourself introspective questions to gain insight into your goals, responsibilities, and personal growth. These questions can help you make the most of this astrological alignment. Here is one of the six questions to consider: What are my long-term goals, and how can I align my actions with them during this period of increased discipline and determination? To really experience the power of the Throat chakra and your intuition; say the answer to this question out loud and feel how your body responds to it. Does it make you feel empowered? Happy? Or, when you speak out what your answer is, you feel nauseous and nervous. This can be very natural and should be seen as an invitation to dig deeper within. A nervous feeling can be the fuel to achieve your goals, so don't just dismiss it. "I embrace transformation and release what no longer serves me, making way for personal growth and renewal."
13:21 23-10-2023
Crown Chakra and offering all of Self to be transformed in the divine light- 27/30 October 2023
A lunar eclipse often symbolizes the culmination of a cycle and a time for release and renewal. With the Moon in Taurus and its connection to the material world, there's a call to ground spiritual insights into tangible experiences. This can activate and balance your Crown Chakra, enhancing your connection to higher consciousness. "I trust in the profound spiritual journey this alignment offers, and I am open to the unexpected breakthroughs and transformative experiences it brings."
15:55 22-10-2023
Heart Chakra And Ego Transformation - 21/23 October
This heart chakra meditation uses the influence of the Sun and Mercury in a square aspect to Pluto, it creates a dynamic and complex astrological aspect that can have a significant impact on an individual's personality and life experiences. Repeat the following affirmations, aligning them with the themes of transformation and balance: "I embrace my ego with love and understanding." "I release old patterns that no longer serve my growth." "My Heart Chakra is a sanctuary of balance and self-awareness."
12:02 21-10-2023
Solar Plexus Empowerment Meditation In Libra - 19/20 October 2023
"I embrace the challenges of my past, for they have made me stronger." The meditation for today and tomorrow focus on healing parts of our past and our place in that proces. From the perspective of Self via the Solar Plexus chakra, can you let go of any grunges and realise they have you made you stronger and more determined to go after your dreams. As we are in the sign of Libra it is all about balance, as the Buddha taught; it is about the middle way. Find the right balance and you will fly. Listen to this meditation and share your experience with a friend of loved one. Allow the energy to flow, so you can heal. This guided meditation is for empowering your SELF through the energy of your Solar Plexus Chakra under the influence of Libra and the challenging opposition of Mercury and Chiron. In this meditation, we will explore self-empowerment and expand on the challenges you've faced in your past, aiming to create balance and confidence moving from your Sacral to your Solar Plexus chakra.
08:02 18-10-2023
Libra And Sacral Chakra Healing - 17/18 October 2023
This guided meditation is a journey healing aspects of your life related to the Sacral - the second - Chakra under the influence of Libra and the challenging opposition of Mercury and Chiron. As we are moving away from the energies of the new moon and solar eclipse; themes of healing could be in the area of family- and work balance, or creative expressions where you held back. Both the base chakra and the sacral chakra are about security and discovering who you are and your place in this world. Remember to cultivate courage and will power as healing is to become one with self. Join me to explore the themes of old wounds and the steps to improve your situation, fostering balance and emotional well-being.
08:58 16-10-2023
Meditation for base chakra on the solar eclipse in Libra
Listen to this special meditation using the Libra energy of courage and will-power to ground yourself in the essence of self. A meditation by Integrated Oneness
05:52 14-10-2023
~ it's like watching a short movie, through sound ~ Attitúde tells the story of two people disagreeing with each other. The violin tells her story, then the cello counters for eventually the bandoneon trying to bring back the harmony. In the end though, everyone deserves his or her own voice, even it creates chaos.
03:30 19-07-2023
Glow (by Lianne Kaye)
Lianne Kaye 'Glow' Production contest 2023
04:21 29-05-2023
Edwin Van Der Hoeven - Dead To The World Mix Contest 2022
Malamor Dead To The World Mix Contest 2022
03:30 24-05-2023
Gilad Hekselman - Long Way From Home
My mix of this great song by Gilad Hekselman called Long Way From Home. Please check out the original song at:
05:22 10-02-2023
Who I Am - Part 1
A fusion of atmospheric, moving and contemplative art that uses brainwave entrainment* to help the listener move into an altered state of mind. * - this recording contains frequencies that help trigger the lower theta brainwaves for healing and emotional release
06:51 02-02-2022
Who I Am - Part 2
A fusion of atmospheric, moving and contemplative art that uses brainwave entrainment* to help the listener move into an altered state of mind. * - this recording contains frequencies that help trigger the lower theta brainwaves for healing and emotional release
07:48 02-02-2022
EH #16 - Vrijgevigheid moet stromen in tijden van crisis
DE STROOM VAN ZIJN Of meer voor de hand liggend; geld moet stromen in tijden van crisis. Niet de eerste gedachte die opkomt in tijden van omvallende banken en recessies. Maar menig econoom zal het met me eens zijn. Natuurlijk, het zijn de beleggers die het sentiment op de markt bepalen, maar de echte recessie wordt doorgaans toch bepaald door de massale reactie van de consument. Als het consumentenvertrouwen afneemt gaan we dat allemaal voelen in de marktwerking. Want minder uitgaven betekent minder inkomsten voor de ondernemers waardoor de omzet onder druk komt te staan. Verliezen leiden tot ontslagen en voor je het weet zit je in een neerwaartse spiraal of is de groei er in ieder geval uit. VERSTOREN VAN DE NATUURLIJKE BEWEGING EN GROEI Dit effect heeft alles te maken met hoe vrijgevig de mens is en zijn materialistische houding. Geld is als water en moet vrij stromen. De mens is slechts een tussenstation in deze continue ruilhandel. Je kunt het vergelijken met het bouwen van een dam. Het is uiteraard mooi dat er energie mee opgewekt wordt, maar tegelijkertijd verstoor je ook het natuurlijke ritme van de rivier. Er stroomt soms meer water door dan anders en de ene rivier is de ander niet. Zo ook voor de mens. Als het wat minder gaat zijn we gelijk geneigd dammen te bouwen. Als er een recessie in opkomst is zie je mensen hun geld oppotten. We bouwen een dam en laten het geld niet meer stromen. Feitelijk verstoren we zelf de natuurlijke ‘groei‘. DELEN IS VERMENIGVULDIGEN Wat nu te doen? Het probleem blijft natuurlijk bij de massa. Maar toch kun je aan je eigen angst werken door vrijgevig te zijn en/of te blijven. Des te eerder we allemaal weer ‘normaal’ doen des te eerder zal het natuurlijk evenwicht weer in gezonde toestand verkeren. Maar vrijgevigheid heeft een veel groter effect. Want het heeft de kracht door te werken op je naaste omgeving. Voor elkaar klaar staan, elkaar helpen. Juist in die tijden dat we met minder genoegen moeten lijken te nemen. Delen is vermenigvuldigen! Breek die dam af, ga niet op je geld zitten maar deel het waar je kan. Haal bijvoorbeeld eens de aardappelen bij de lokale buurtsuper of groenteman. Je betaalt iets meer, maar je weet ook bij wie je een dankbare glimlach mag zien. Zie ook:
02:54 29-04-2020
EH #15 - Werkelijke religie gaat om vertrouwen
Vertrouwen uit zich in een nimmer aflatende blijdschap dat alles goed is zoals het mag zijn. Het enige wat je nu nog kunt doen, is gewaar zijn van het leven. Deze podcast bevat een meditatie.
12:01 08-04-2020
Third Eye chakra resonance meditation
For more information and the exact positions of the moon and the corresponding chakra meditation music please visit my website and click the yellow moon in the menu; or join at The Ajna (third eye chakra) provides attention and awareness as a spiritual center. An important symbol for the sixth chakra is Shakti Hakini, an androgynous deity, who represents both the masculine and feminine aspect (duality is transcended). The Ajna chakra (also called third eye chakra) is, according to the New Age indigo, color and provides the connection to the spiritual world and opens the gates to intuitive knowledge and refers to a reality that emerges once the dualistic perception of the world is transcended and the thoughts settle down. Because the forehead chakra affects the functioning of all endocrine glands, it is essential for health. Resonance on the low Beta brain waves; 13Hz. Extra ohm sound on 111Hz resonates on the bridge between Theta and Delta. Based on Solfeggio tone LA - 852Hz, the LA tone focuses on returning to the spiritual order and harmony.
46:01 27-03-2020
EH #14 - Je wil om vrij te zijn of liever de onderdrukking van zuiver verlangen
Het licht dat in de kern van iemands ziel schijnt is niet zichtbaar voor het oog dat niet in staat is zichzelf te zien. We zien de ander slechts door de sluiers van onwetendheid die we voor onszelf hebben opgetrokken.
02:52 21-03-2020
EH #13 - Sensitiviteit is jouw ticket naar een creatief leven
Onze sensitiviteit is een middel om de hogere frequenties en dimensies van bewustzijn en het leven te ervaren. Waar stem jij je op af? Des te hoger ons bewustzijn, des te meer zijn we in staat ons leven vorm te geven. Zo kun je je sensitiviteit gebruiken om een mooi en creatief leven te leiden.
05:52 18-03-2020
EH #12 - Liefde is het licht dat je te wachten staat
Liefde is een expressie van de kracht die God genoemd wordt. Elk moment van pijn geeft liefde meer kracht haar te voelen. Liefde is het licht dat je te wachten staat. Foto; Debby Ledet op Unsplash
03:32 18-02-2020
EH #11 - Windbellen ademhaling meditatie
Gebruik in deze meditatie het element lucht, de wind, om je ademhaling en meditatie krachtig en bevrijdend te maken. In deze begeleidde meditatie gebruik je de ademhaling om rust te vinden in je lichaam en de spanning te ontladen door een krachtige uit-ademhaling. De muziek maakt gebruik van een subtiele 8Hz frequentie om de hersengolven te stimuleren en de meditatie nog dieper te ervaren. Foto; Robin Benzrihem op Unsplash Muziek; een bewerking van Calm Whale -
12:38 10-02-2020
EH #9 - Welke energie trek jij aan
Je sterrenbeeld zegt iets over de invloed van energieën toen je ter wereld kwam. Je sterrenbeeld dient als vertrekpunt! In deze podcast wil ik uitleggen hoe deze sterren zijn effect op jou als mens kunnen hebben.
04:32 03-02-2020
EH #8 - Ghost - Stories Die Leiden Tot Een Geloofservaring
De spirituele wereld is intelligent en weet hoe en wanneer je aandacht te krijgen. Niet om je te overtuigen, maar juist om overtuigingen te laten wankelen zodat je meer open staat voor het wonder van het leven.
07:17 20-01-2020

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