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Jump In Podcast: How to Become a Freelancer

Jump In Podcast is all about giving you the tools to pave your way into the freelance world and helping you make the best career move. How to become a freelancer with no upfront experience. Topics covered: personal development, systems, productivity, mindset, lead generation, habits, and financial advice. Weekly episodes are available on all podcasting platforms.


All About Upwork Fees for Freelancers 07:21 17.11.2021
How to Start Outsourcing Work as a Freelancer 07:23 10.11.2021
All About Liability Insurance for Freelancers 06:59 27.10.2021
How to Use LinkedIn Marketplace as a Freelancer? 06:59 06.10.2021
Jump In Podcast Goes on Vacation 01:47 18.08.2021
How Do Freelancers Onboard Their Clients 06:28 11.08.2021
How to Find Freelance Clients on LinkedIn 07:56 04.08.2021
3 Time Management Apps for My Freelance Business 05:48 28.07.2021
Asking Freelance Clients for Feedback 06:17 21.07.2021
How to Stand Out When Freelancing 06:15 14.07.2021
All About Freelance Burnout- It's Real! 07:42 07.07.2021
What is a Coworking Space and Do Freelancers Need One? 09:07 01.07.2021
Self-Care Strategies for Freelancers with Alejandra Villacis 16:07 23.06.2021
How to Set Client Boundaries as a Freelancer? 05:57 17.06.2021
When Should Freelancers Raise Their Rates? 08:23 12.06.2021
Jump In Podcast- Trailer 00:46 12.06.2021
Dealing with Difficult Clients as a Freelancer with Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services- Part 1 16:07 03.06.2021
3 Invoicing Systems for Freelancers 05:11 27.05.2021
8 Red Flags for Freelancers 07:23 19.05.2021
Do Freelancers Give Refunds 05:28 15.05.2021
My Road to Success: From Sales to an Award-Winning Publicist 24:11 07.05.2021
What is a Freelance Visa? 05:39 27.04.2021
5 Ways Not to Sell Yourself Short 04:46 20.04.2021
6 Freelance Tips for Beginners 04:29 14.04.2021
Quotes vs Estimates for Freelancers 05:19 06.04.2021
When to Quit Freelancing? 07:16 30.03.2021
Do Freelancers Need to Sign an NDA 05:58 22.03.2021
What Freelance Jobs are in Demand 07:48 15.03.2021
A Freelancer's Imposter Syndrome 07:59 04.03.2021
What to do if a client doesn't pay 05:58 22.02.2021