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Где ты теперь и с кем Баста, HammAli & Navai 05:06
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Птичка HammAli & Navai 03:10
Пустите меня на танцпол HammAli & Navai 04:16
А если это любовь? HammAli & Navai 04:00
У окна HammAli & Navai 02:53
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Девочка-война HammAli & Navai 03:14
Фары-туманы HammAli & Navai 04:48
Боже, как завидую HammAli & Navai, Jah Khalib 02:40

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HammAli & Navai was founded in Moscow in 2016 by rappers and singers Aleksandr Aliev and Navai Bakirov. The first single "Day In The Calendar" is released in the same year. This was soon followed by the album Janavi (2018), which became the most successful album on a Russian social network. The two went on a successful tour with the album and released the singles "Devocka-vojna" and "Prjatkim" in 2019, which became radio hits in Russia. in 2020 and early 2021, the artists continue to release commercially successful tracks, but at the same time the focus is now on their respective solo careers. In March 2021, the duo announced their break-up. The second album Kogda Chorošemu Čeloveku Plocho, which is released one month after their split via Atlantic Records Russia, is also their last album. The two win several awards, including Best Band 2020 and 2021 at the Žara Music Awards.