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Полковнику никто не пишет Би-2 04:52
Мой рок-н-ролл Би-2, Юлия Чичерина 06:45
Компромисс Би-2 04:29
Пора возвращаться домой Би-2, Oxxxymiron 04:48
Варвара Би-2 05:01
Серебро Би-2 04:37
Вечная призрачная встречная Би-2 05:11
Молитва Би-2 05:37
Чёрное солнце Би-2 04:49
Лайки Би-2 03:31

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band BI-2 was founded in Belarus city of Bobrujsk by Aleksandr
Uman (Shura BI-2) and Igor Bortnik (Lyova BI-2). 
the band had been created in 1988, it gained its first real success
in 1999 with the help of their new producer Alexander Ponomaryov
2000, songs
from the album entitled BI-2 became hits nationwide but the
никто не пишет
» ("No
One Writes to the Colonel"
) was the
biggest blast of them all – the composition featured in a
Брат-2 (Brother-2)
movie helped BI-2 being discovered to the Russian music stage
literally overnight. 
The next hit, «Последний
» ("The
Last Hero"
), came from the Мяу
Кисс ми
Kiss Me
) album in 2001 that was sold
gold in Russia as well as Inomarki album in 2004. In 2006, the
band released their album Moloko inspired by Kubrik’s
Clockwork Orange. Four years later, BI-2 decided to experiment
with arrangement and began to perform together with a symphonic
orchestra. The band received the MTV Russia Music Award for Best
Rock Act in 2007. 
band had fruitful collaborations with
Splean band and Alexandr
Vasiliev (on the track
«Феллини» ("Fellini")
in 2001,
featuring Picnic in 2011,
на подоконнике
» ("The Bird on the Windowsill") with Diana Arbenina and Nike Borzov in 2016,
«Пора возвращаться домой»
("It’s Time to Come Back Home") together with Oxxxymiron
in 2017.