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Email Einstein Ingenious eCommerce Email Marketing by Flowium

Everyone working in online retail knows that it’s vital to develop an elite email marketing plan. But that doesn’t just happen on its own. How do you create a killer email list from scratch? How do you build a foolproof email marketing strategy? What are the secret email growth hacks that could be doubling your revenue right now? Welcome to the Email Einstein Podcast by Flowium, the show where top-notch ecom geniuses, entrepreneurial brains, seasoned marketing masterminds and email prodigies from all walks of life share their biggest “a-ha” moments, tough lessons learned, and most effective marketing strategies. Learn the ins and outs of eCommerce email marketing from Flowium, one of the fastest growing agencies in the world. New episodes come every Tuesday. Tune in!


Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategy: The Early Bird Opt-In 19:40 26.10.2021
Creative Promotion Ideas for Black Friday Cyber Monday 31:48 18.10.2021
High-Ticket Sales: 3 Ways to Sell an Expensive Product 28:28 12.10.2021
How Apple's Mail Privacy Protection Impacts Email Marketing 32:37 05.10.2021
4 Key Segments You Need To Send To This Black Friday 35:15 28.09.2021
How To Build Your Ecommerce Empire, Interview With Doone Roisin 36:46 21.09.2021
How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More 29:31 14.09.2021
Leverage Two-Way Communication With Customers For More Engagement And Sales 21:18 07.09.2021
How To Turn Your Customers Into Loyal Fans Through Email 34:39 31.08.2021
How to Leverage SEO to Sell Your Products Without Wrecking Your Marketing Budget 43:29 24.08.2021
3 Golden Rules of Effective Email Newsletters People Actually Read 25:01 17.08.2021
4 Proven eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks 30:29 10.08.2021
What Is The Best Time To Send Emails? 27:15 03.08.2021
How Do You Calculate Email Marketing ROI? 27:51 27.07.2021
DIY Email Marketing vs. Hiring an Agency? 24:17 20.07.2021
How To “Humanize” Your Emails To Drive Revenue Growth 43:43 13.07.2021
10 Email Marketing Lessons Learned From 1 Year of Doing This Podcast 46:06 06.07.2021
SMS Marketing Tactics with Klaviyo 45:37 29.06.2021
How to Win Your Customers Back With Email 41:48 22.06.2021
How To Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate 43:30 15.06.2021
Key Productivity Principles And Mistakes In eCommerce: Interview With Paul Minors 44:13 08.06.2021
5 Steps To Get Out Of The Spam Folder 39:26 01.06.2021
Building Trust With Your eCommerce Customers: An Interview With Marcus Sheridan 30:27 25.05.2021
How To Improve Your Website Conversions With Reese Spykerman 47:24 18.05.2021
Sign Up Forms Best Practices 37:55 11.05.2021
Scaling Your eCommerce Business in 2021 45:14 04.05.2021
How To Hire The Right Email Marketing Agency For Your eCommerce Store 49:40 27.04.2021
How To 10X Your Repeat Purchases With One Click 41:14 20.04.2021
How To Combine Social Media And Email Marketing To Drive More Sales 36:39 13.04.2021
How To Increase Average Order Value 39:03 06.04.2021