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Sebastian Bode - Director of Engineering of Cardano
Listen to our guest, Sebastian Bode, Director of Engineering at Cardano talk to Bogdan Popa from to discuss his path to where he is now, the ultimate goals they pursue at Cardano, the most recent and upcoming events in the Cardano ecosystem and so much more.Host: Bogdan PopaGuest: Sebastian Bode
48:11 06.03.2023
Danish Chaudhry - CEO of
Kicking off a brand new season of TOKENVERSE 🔥 And who better to help us start 2023 than our CEO, Danish Chaudhry?   Danish had a chat with us about his background in the industry while sharing his insights for the year to come. Tune in to our conversation and get yourself ready for everything the crypto year 2023 has in storage! Host: Bogdan Popa. Guest: Danish Chaudhry
26:04 15.02.2023
Alex Mascioli - Co-Founder of Trade The Chain (SENT)
 Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder of Trade The Chain (SENT), is on a mission to help the average investor trade like a pro by providing the same trading signals and data used by professionals. In this new episode of TOKENVERSE you'll learn how is Alex and his team approaching this goal. Do you want real time trading opportunities? Trade like an insider? Act faster on the biggest trades? If you don't wanna miss any opportunities on the market you CAN'T MISS this episode!  Guest: Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder of Trade The Chain (SENT)Hosted by: Bogdan Popa. 
37:54 13.10.2022
Terry Stone + Jim Wheat - The FilmCoin
The FilmCoin is changing the Film Industry, FOREVER. We, on, want to know all about it! In this amazing chat we had with Terry Stone (Actor and producer) and Jim Wheat (NFT artist), we certainly understood what is FilmCoin mission and how they intend to disrupt the Film & TV industry. FilmCoin allows everyone to participate in Film & Television, we bet you don't wanna miss that, tune in!  Host: Bogdan PopaGuests: Terry Stone and Jim Wheat 
61:35 12.10.2022
Simone Mazzuca - Founder & CEO of Wallex Bank
Wallex offers financial solutions designed with a compliant, regulated and secure architecture that helps take advantage of the digital transformation. They are overseen by regulators, held to the same capital requirements, and audited in the same way as a traditional financial institution. Wallex support the most important fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to allow individual businesses and fintech to bridge the digital transformation. Tune into this  great episode and find out more about Wallex Bank! 
30:49 20.09.2022
Andrew Antar - Founder of Tune.FM
Tune.FM is a decentralized web3 music streaming platform and music NFT marketplace. Music NFTs, streaming royalty micropayments and social audio for artists & music fans. Tune.FM's mission is to create a global independent music marketplace for artists to collaborate, share their music, and connect directly to their fans. Their goal is to democratize access to music and level the playing field for artists around the world. We love their slogan: "When the music gets played, the artist gets paid!". Sounds good, right? Well, listen to the episode and find out WHY and HOW! 
34:59 09.09.2022
Victor Akoma-Philips - Co-Founder of Bantu Blockchain Foundation
The Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF) is a non-profit entity that develops blockchain-based and Africa-led financial inclusion solutions to serve the continent's unique problems and challenges. The foundation currently focuses on the African markets, catering to the unbanked and underbanked. It also maintains the source code for the blockchain and acts as a governance body for its ecosystem of users. Listen to this amazing episode and you'll find out how Victor and Bantu are trying  to re-orientate Africa and its people towards a new technology aligned with the spirit of sharing and equality. 
56:55 07.09.2022
Max Kordek - CEO of Lisk
Lisk is a blockchain application platform that makes blockchain technology accessible by creating a world in which everyone benefits from this technology. It clames to be the gateway into Blockchain for the average user. Who better than its CEO to talk about all the progress Lisk is doing. Host: Bogdan Popa. Guests: Max Kordek. 
58:26 29.08.2022
Steve van Zutphen, Founder of TheFutbolCoin & Kevin Campell, Arsenal FC Legend
TFA Platform is a multi-chain Web3 platform with multiple existing applications and services built to power next generation digital interaction between fans, clubs, players, NFTs, tickets and fan DAO decision making. TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is the native token of TFA Platform. TFC is needed to interact with many of the platform's useful features and functionalities. TFC is bridged across from Stellar (for fast payments and fiat gateways) to Polygon (for NFTs, staking, DAO voting and other smart contract enabled TFA Platform Dapps). Host: Bogdan Popa. Guests: Steve van Zutphen Founder & Kevin Campell
69:46 25.07.2022
Steven Enamakel - Co-Creator of MahaDAO
Powered & governed by the people, MahaDAO is designed to keep a vibrant community at the helm of all decision making. Using democratic frameworks like governance portals, forums & the power of social discourse, growth is driven by the community and for the community. Contribution to the growth and adoption of the world's first non-depreciating currency $ARTH and MahaDAO ensures rich rewards that will benefit everyone. Host: Bogdan Popa, Marketing Coordinator at Recorded on 22/05/2022. 
55:38 01.06.2022
Conor Devlin - Co-Founder of HederaStarter
Hedera’s unique hashgraph technology is primed for industry and HederaStarter is the decentralized innovation engine inside. HederaStarter consists of a tokenized incubator, HDAO, and a community-oriented launchpad, the HPAD. Thanks to its ingenious approach, HederaStarter has what it takes to tokenize and fairly distribute the innovation itself. The DAO-enabled access controls are governed by a council of the Hedera endorsed titans of the tech world, enabling the fusion of distributed ledger and a range of technologies on the very frontier of high-tech revolution.  Host: Bogdan Popa, Marketing Coordinator at Recorded on 02/05/2022.  
54:22 10.05.2022
David Kay, CIO of Liti Capital
In the following episode you'll learn how is Liti Capital's Chief Investment Officer David Kay working to merge Traditional Financial Markets with Equity Tokens. The Swiss based company aims to create the next generation fintech to make private equity investing available to everyone.  Liti Capital SA is a Swiss private equity company specializing in litigation funding that has ‘tokenized’ its equity shares by setting up on the blockchain using Ethereum’s ERC20. Thus, connecting crypto investors around the world to the most profitable asset class, litigation funding, once only accessible to elite investors.  NYC-based David Kay, one of the most successful and in-demand litigation finance strategists in the history of the 15-year-old litigation finance industry, recently joined the team as Chief Investment Officer. When David was Funding Partner and Portfolio Manager of a billion US dollar private equity fund working in the litigation finance space, he was routinely tasked with monetizing awards valued in the hundreds of millions of US dollars. This included successfully enforcing what was at the time the largest international arbitration award in history - bringing in more than one billion US dollars of cash and securities.  Enjoy! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on November 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: David Kay. 
28:29 28.01.2022
Shivam Tandon - Founder & CEO of TeraBlock
Hear what TeraBlock's founder & CEO Shivam Tandon has to say about Web 3.0, IoT and many more topics related to the crypto space. Terablock is seen as "the easiest solution to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem with on and off-ramp capabilities" thus if you're new in the space the following episode suits you! Shivam is a passionate serial entrepreneur with over eleven years of experience building sustainable technology businesses with successful exits. He has been working with start-ups and scale-ups for the past decade in industrial design, 3d-Printing, fintech, Machine Learning, IoT, and more. TeraBlock is a Cryptocurrency Financial Platform enabling users to buy, sell, hold, exchange and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio powered by the TeraBlock Token (TBC). With advanced machine learning algorithm capabilities for trading, TeraBlock aims to simplify the way users trade crypto. With TeraBlock, users will be able to purchase crypto through the TeraBlock exchange with any debit or credit card issued by a bank, and easily manage the assets through trade automation.  Enjoy!  This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on November 8, 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Shivam Tandon. 
16:08 21.01.2022
Derek Yoo, CEO of Moonbeam
Moonbeam CEO Derek Yoo on the Future of an Ethereum-Compatible Smart Contract Parachain on Polkadot. Moonbeam is a smart contract platform that provides a scalable and accessible alternative to other developer platform options. Moonbeam aims to provide developers with the ability to port existing Ethereum DApps or to create new DApps using familiar Ethereum development tools. This will substantially decrease the barrier to entry for successful Ethereum DApps that want to move to a more performant and cost-effective platform.  This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on December 17, 2020. Host: Alex Mascioli. Guest: Derek Yoo. 
22:32 14.01.2022
Bobby Ong, Co-Founder of CoinGecko
Bobby was included in the Forbes 2019 30 Under 30 Asia list. He is a contributing author in two digital currencies books - Handbook of Digital Currency, 1st Edition and Handbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance, and Inclusion, Volume 1 CoinGecko is an analytics platform for tracking cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. The company was established in April 2014 and is one of the largest crypto data aggregators worldwide. Listen to this episode to get to know this great personality and his background in the industry and plans! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on September 2, 2020. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Bobby Ong.
24:39 14.12.2021
Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of MATIC
Sandeep is an entrepreneur, software developer, and co-founder of Polygon(Matic Network). He is also the founder of India's Crypto Covid Relief Fund. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It aggregates solutions on Ethereum, supporting this multi-chain ecosystem. If you are a fan of Ethereum and all the possibilities Sandeep develops, check out this conversation! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on December 10, 2020. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Sandeep Nailwal. 
25:56 14.12.2021
Alexander Filatov and Mitja Goroshevsky, Co-Founders of TON Labs
Alexander is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with 25 years of experience in marketing of various fields and the blockchain. Mitja has over six years of expertise in the blockchain and crypto industry and about 20 in technology. Alexander and Mitja talk about their background in blockchain technology and why TON Labs is an important development for the crypto developer community. TONOS is a full-fledged, vertically integrated technology stack that helps developers work efficiently with the blockchain and makes it simple and intuitive for users. This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on December 10, 2020. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Alexander Filatov and Mitja Goroshevsky.
26:05 14.12.2021
Artur Pszczółkowski, CMO & Co-Founder of GamerHash
Artur has handled digital marketing activities in a Swiss-based global corporation with more than $4 billion yearly turnovers. GamerHash is a blockchain-supported application that facilitates the exchange of desktop computing power for various digital goods provided in its integrated store. It allows monetizing computing energy through cryptocurrency mining. Please find out more about GamerHash and its CMO & Co-Founder, Artur! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on  June 3, 2021.  Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Artur Pszczółkowski.
16:48 14.12.2021
Wojciech Podobas Founder & CEO of
Besides being the Student Coin CEO, Wojciech is an author of Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia and The Advanced Technical Analysis. Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal start-ups, NFT, and DeFi tokens. It is also the first university-driven crypto asset that connects the academic world and allows the creation of STC-based tokens for schools, organizations, faculty, and students. Join our conversation on Tokenverse to meet this great personality and find out about his plans! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on  June 17, 2021.  
14:18 14.12.2021
Maxwell Gross, COO of
Max has over six years of engineering and business development experience and also in the cryptocurrency industry. Recently he worked as Boeing Defense, Space, and Security engineer. is powered by blockchain technology with SUPERBID as its sole utility token. It connects gaming fans and so NFT's and more! If you are curious about Max's background and, this episode is definitely for you! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on June 21, 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Maxwell Gross. 
17:46 14.12.2021
Charles Robinson, CBDO of Jigstack
Charles is an accomplished Senior Executive, Author, Senior Developer of DApps and Web Apps. Additionally, he is a Green Energy Advocate. Jigstack is the real DAO of DeFi with the Lemonade and Ethlink products on board, and more to come, as the team says. Let's learn more about the Jigstack, its future, and Charles' background!  This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on June 24, 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Charles Robinson.
19:18 14.12.2021
Alex (Kushti) Chepurnoy, Co-Founder and Core Developer of Ergo Platform
Alex has been active in the blockchain industry since 2011 and has more than 15 years of experience in software development. He has written over 20 academic papers. Ergo is the open protocol that implements modern scientific ideas in the blockchain. Operates an available contributor model where anyone can participate.  Listen to our latest podcast to know more about Alex, his experience, and the Ergo Platform project! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on August 18, 2021.  Host: Dustin Plantholt.  Guest: Alex Kushti Chepurnoy.
19:15 14.12.2021
Joe Jewson, Co-Founder of BitcoinVend
Tokenverse has greeted Joe on-air, who has more than ten years of experience in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry. BitcoinVend is a next-generation crypto exchange with three core features wrapped into one smartphone app; exchange, payments & marketplace. It allows users to trade nearly anything, not just digital coins! Let's find out more about the app and its Co-Founder! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on July 11, 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Joe Jewson.
20:09 14.12.2021
Ivan Soto-Wright - CEO & Co-Founder of MoonPay
Ivan is a financial technology entrepreneur and initial adopter of digital assets. MoonPay is an economic tech company that develops payments infrastructure for crypto. Their products provide a seamless experience for converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using all primary payment methods, including debit and credit card, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Check out this episode if you want to discover more about MoonPay and Ivan's plans for it, and more! This episode was recorded as Podcast and sponsored by (Formerly Exchange) on February 4, 2021. Host: Dustin Plantholt. Guest: Ivan Soto-Wright.
16:53 13.12.2021
Robert Grant – Founder of Crown Sterling
TokenVerse PodCast #1: Guest: Robert Grant   Host: Dustin Plantholt Running Time: 35:55 This episode of TokenVerse is brought to you by FREE THE MONEY – FREE THE WORLD.  KEY MOMENTS: 1:45  BACKGROUND: Robert discusses his background of language and math. 6:24 MENTORS:  Who were your biggest influencers? 9:09 CRYPTO:  Now let's talk about crypto. 10:40 QUASI PRIMES:  What are Quasi Primes? 12:46  CRYPTO SPACE: Why are Quasi Primes important to the future of blockchain? 16:30 ENCRYPTION: Is the current encryption formula flawed? 19:09 DIGITAL ASSETS (BFN Calculator): 24:26 CROWN SOVEREIGN TOKEN: Why was the Crown Sovereign Token created? 25:58 QUANTUM-RESISTANT CRYPTOGRAPHY:  How does Crown Sterling solve this problem? 26:50 DATA SOVEREIGNTY: Robert discusses the most valuable asset in the world today and NFTs.  28:10 CROWN SOVEREIGN TOKEN & NFTs: The reason behind the Crown Sovereign Token. 28:57 POLKADOT:  Crown Sterling's platform and Polkadot. 30:18 CROWN SOVEREIGN TOKEN: How do we learn more about the Crown Sovereign Token? 31:17 IN SUMMARY: Crown Sterling, NFT creations, wallet and more...  KEY LINKS:  Learn more about Crown Sterling and the Crown Sovereign Token The Cryptocurrency trading platform and knowledge base (formerly Exchange) 
35:55 12.10.2021