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Hi guys! I’m glad you found your way to my world of music. Before I introduce myself I got to say that I feel exited about my new single release “Silver & Gold”. It’s a feel-good song about the illusive hunt for success and fortune, which is commonly associated with dollar signs and material well-being. I’m Swedish a singer-songwriter and I grew up in the little village of Sundborn in the heart of Dalarna with the wilderness around the corner. I use to find inspiration in the life stories of others. I love to connect to those artists who have the ability to tell stories. As a kid I used to listen to my Dad’s vinyl records from the 60’s and 70s. That’s how I discovered the great music of Bob Dylan, The Eagles and Elvis Presley and they all made an impact on me. Through the years I’ve been playing live at all kind of venues and last year I did my first tour in the USA. I did several gigs in the North Carolinas and I have to say that I was amazed by the great response. The Swedish touring 2019 was a pleasant experience as well. I performed at the Malungsfors visfestival, Hijazz and Hotel Hulingen to mention a few. As you might know I’m not on the Billboard charts yet but I do feel great about the increasing numbers of listeners who discover my music. You can follow me at this platform and several others. I like to end this self-biographic text by telling you that my fifth full-length album “Highs and Lows” is slated for release in April 2020. Peace, Mattias