Album picture of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Original Soundtrack)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Original Soundtrack)

EA Games Soundtrack


Albüm şarkıları

Red Alert 3 Theme - Soviet March James Hannigan 02:47
Hell March 3 Frank Klepacki 03:35
Grinder 2 Frank Klepacki 02:55
Hell March 1 From First to Last 04:03
Time Machine Tim Wynn 01:46
The Might Of The Empire James Hannigan 00:51
Red Tide Tim Wynn 03:36
European Intrigue Tim Wynn 03:30
Red Rock for Mother Russia Tim Wynn 04:17
A Hell of a Threat Tim Wynn 01:29
The Big Apple Tim Wynn 02:03
Battleground of the Bear Tim Wynn 04:07
Red Storm Over Brighton Beach Tim Wynn 02:11
Rock and Awe Tim Wynn 04:40
Trouble in Mykonos Tim Wynn 02:36
Bring It! Tim Wynn 04:59
Lying in Wait Tim Wynn 01:08
Ackerman on the Move Tim Wynn 01:15
Enter the Shogun Executioner James Hannigan 01:33
The Empire Strikes James Hannigan 03:59