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Ace of Spades (Expanded Edition)



Albüm şarkıları

Ace of Spades Motörhead 02:46
Love Me Like a Reptile Motörhead 03:20
Shoot You in the Back Motörhead 02:38
Live to Win Motörhead 03:36
Fast and Loose Motörhead 03:21
(We Are) The Roadcrew Motörhead 03:11
Fire Fire Motörhead 02:43
Jailbait Motörhead 03:30
Dance Motörhead 02:35
Bite the Bullet Motörhead 01:37
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch Motörhead 04:15
The Hammer Motörhead 02:46
Dirty Love Motörhead 02:53
Ace of Spades (Alternate Version) Motörhead 03:03
Love Me Like a Reptile (Alternate Long Version) Motörhead 04:15
Love Me Like a Reptile (Alternate Version) Motörhead 03:29
Shoot You In the Back (Alternate Version) Motörhead 03:08
Fast and Loose (Alternate Version) Motörhead 03:05
(We Are) The Roadcrew (Alternate Version) Motörhead 03:22
Fire Fire (Alternate Version) Motörhead 02:39

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