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One Day LoveJoy 02:24
The Fall LoveJoy 03:04
It's All Futile! It's All Pointless! LoveJoy 03:40
Sex Sells LoveJoy 04:06
Concrete LoveJoy 03:16
Model Buses LoveJoy 02:50
Taunt LoveJoy 02:13
Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry? LoveJoy 02:49
Perfume LoveJoy 03:27
You'll Understand When you're Older LoveJoy 03:52

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LoveJoy is an English indie rock outfit led by vlogger Wilbur Soot. The band’s lineup is completed by Joe Goldsmith on guitar, Ash Kabosu on bass, and Mark Boardman on drums. Capitalizing on Soot’s Internet celebrity status, LoveJoy issued their debut EP Are You Alright? in 2021. Three tracks from the EP made it into the UK Official Singles Chart—“One Day” peaked at Number 54 while “Taunt” and “Sex Sells” reached Number 75 and 93, respectively. The EP also enjoyed great chart success in the US, where it topped the streaming charts. Accompanying videos for “One Day” and “Taunt” were released as well, racking up millions of views on video-streaming platforms in a matter of hours.