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Cartel Mc Artisan 02:24
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Katana Mc Artisan, Savage Plug 02:30

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Aymen Djeffal was born on May 2, 1988 in Souk-Ahras, a town in northeastern Algeria. Passionate about rap, he practiced and tried out his first punchlines, then began freestyling in 2008. Djeffal then opted for a pseudonym, MC Artisan, for Maitre de Cérémonie. When he unveiled "Flow Helical" (2014) online, heralding his mixtape Ordonnance, his skill was spotted and his notoriety grew. He conquered a wider audience from 2015 onwards with his mixtape and tracks followed by several hundred thousand listeners such as "7assla" featuring El Hass, "Zoo" and "Flirt". Now launched, MC Artisan intends to make his mark on the Algerian rap scene, signing landmark tracks, "I.D.G.A.F" (2018) and then "Fairytale " (2019). With more polished productions, which develop the artist's dark trap, MC Artisan conquers his audience and adds up tens of millions of listens. On the strength of successful projects Genetics (2021) and Genetics 2 (2021), the rapper gradually established himself as a key figure of his era, whose fame exploded with the hit "Glock " (2022), which saw MC Artisan, surrounded by Didine Canon 16, open up to the drill aesthetics in vogue in the early 2020s.