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Here It Is Cian Ducrot 03:15
I'll Be Waiting Cian Ducrot 02:52
Part Of Me Cian Ducrot 03:22
All For You Cian Ducrot 03:39
I'll Be Waiting Cian Ducrot 02:55
Heaven Cian Ducrot 03:54
All For You Cian Ducrot, Ella Henderson 03:41
something i can't afford Cian Ducrot 02:59
Everyone Who Falls In Love (Has Someone Else They’re Thinking Of) Cian Ducrot 02:36
Know Me Again Cian Ducrot, Cate 04:15

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Born on 30 August 1997 in Douglas, Cork, Irish singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot took his first musical steps on The Voice, introducing himself to a UK audience before launching his YouTube channel in 2020 and beginning his recording career with his started in college (mixtape) that same year. Off the back of this, he was signed to the same label that discovered Billie Eilish, Dark Room Recordings, and dropped his major-label debut single, "Not Usually Like This," in 2021. Three more singles followed—"Crocodiles," "Know Me Again" featuring Cate, and "Chewing Gum"—culminating in the release of his debut EP Make Believe, also in 2021. In 2022, he released a new piano-led single, "I'll Be Waiting" and experienced the highs of viral fame after single "All for You" was a hit on TikTok. He subsequently cracked the UK Top 20 singles chart and went to number two on home soil in Ireland. A duet version of the song with Ella Henderson followed in August 2022. 2023 saw his profile skyrocket with the release of debut studio LP Victory. Propelled by the aforementioned single "All for You," the album zoomed all the way to the top of both the UK and Irish Albums Chart.