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Vermedin Umut Timur, MRC 03:40
Bana Mudi, MRC 02:37
Paix sans guerre MRC 03:30
Plus rien à perdre MRC 04:42
Rafalez-les MRC 02:43
Solo MRC 03:05
Couteau dans l'dos MRC 04:28
Le palais MRC 03:19
Le bien ou le mal MRC 03:50
J'suis désolé MRC 04:00

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2009 takipçi

Plus rien à perdre
Paix sans guerre
J'ai le mal de nous
J'avais tout fait

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Originally from Strasbourg, MRC wasn't necessarily destined for a career as a rapper, as it was soccer that first caught his fancy. At the age of 12, his dream of playing in the famous Meinau stadium took shape when he joined the Racing Club de Strasbourg training center. He did so well with the ball that he was even shortlisted for the French and Turkish teams (his country of origin). Unfortunately, nagging injuries blocked his progress. The rather discreet boy then took advantage of this huge disillusionment to devote himself fully to his other passion: rap. He first posted a 15-second freestyle video on Instagram, and within a few days, subscriptions to his account multiplied and contacts were made with record companies. Quickly racking up millions of views on social networks, he then switched to the world of music, releasing his namesake debut album in 2016, buoyed by the single "Bella Nada".