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MAGDALENA 6PM Records, Yung Hurn, Stickle 02:02
ALLEINE Yung Hurn 03:09
<3 aus <3 Yung Hurn 01:01
Y. HURN wieso? Yung Hurn 02:38
Wien RAF Camora, Yung Hurn 03:03
Blumé Yung Hurn 02:20
ALLEINE Yung Hurn 02:24
eine nase Yung Hurn 02:24
Wiedaa Stickle, Yung Hurn, Luciano 02:54
DING DONG (feat. Mietze Conte) Yung Hurn, Mietze conte 02:33

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- 6PM Records, Yung Hurn, Stickle


22 takipçi

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Yung Hurn and his fictional older brother/alter ego K. Ronaldo, have been on the ascent in the Austrian rap scene ever since his debut release attracted national attention from German hip-hop magazine 'Juice'. An early interest in football could have sent him in another direction entirely, however.

Born Julian Sellmeister in 1995, he played for the youth football teams at SV Hirschstetten and competed at a national level. After dropping out of school, however, he fell in with Austrian rapper Rap4Fikk and soon began putting together his own tracks. In July 2015 he put out his first mixtape, '22', and the track 'Nein' was picked by readers of 'Juice' as one of the best hip-hop tracks of the year.

The next year a follow-up mixtape, the 'Krocha Tape', followed and Yung Hurn's fictional alter ego, K. Ronaldo, made his debut with 'I Wanted to Kill Myself But Today Is My Mother's Birthday'. December saw his first major collection of songs appear on major streaming services, with 'In Memory of Yung Hurn - Classic Compilation'.

The albums 'Love Hotel' and '1220' followed in 2017 and 2018 respectively, alongside a slew of singles and collaborations with other artists.