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Sports Beach Bunny 02:44
Prom Queen Beach Bunny 02:16
Cloud 9 Beach Bunny 02:27
Good Girls (Don’t Get Used) Beach Bunny 03:35
Love Song Beach Bunny 05:42
Nice Guys Beach Bunny 03:02
Fire Escape Beach Bunny 02:20
Oxygen Beach Bunny 03:10
Infinity Room Beach Bunny 01:10
Weeds Beach Bunny 03:22

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Emotional Creature

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Songwriter Lili Trifilio formed Beach Bunny as an acoustic-leaning solo project in 2015, releasing the debut single "6 Weeks" and the EP Animalism as a one-woman act. She then transformed Beach Bunny into a fully-formed indie-pop band during the latter half of the 2010s. Based in Chicago, the band built a local following with a string of self-released EPs, including 2016's Pool Party, 2017's Crybaby, and 2018's Prom Queen. Prom Queen's title track became a viral hit, racking up more than 100 million digital streams and leading to an offer from the New York-based indie label Mom + Pop Music. Beach Bunny signed with Mom + Pop in 2019 and released the debut album Honeymoon in February 2020. Mixing garage-punk attitude with power-pop sparkle, Honeymoon peaked at Number 21 on the US Top Alternative Albums chart, with the lead single "Cloud 9" climbing to Number 11 on Billboard's Hot Alternative Songs. Outlets like Rolling Stone and The New York Times placed the album on their year-end "Best Of 2020" lists, and Beach Bunny returned in 2021 with a new single, "Good Girls (Don't Get Used)," and the accompanying EP Blame Game