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Way down We Go KALEO 03:39
No Good KALEO 03:54
All the Pretty Girls KALEO 04:29
USA Today KALEO 04:05
Hey Gringo KALEO 04:44
Break My Baby KALEO 04:25
Rock N Roller KALEO 03:43
Skinny KALEO 03:42
Sofðu Unga Ástin Mín KALEO 05:02
Vor í Vaglaskógi KALEO 04:37

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Sofðu Unga Ástin Mín



239 takipçi

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Granatos Live 2024
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The Icelandic rock band Kaleo were formed in 2012 and despite having been in the music business for a relatively short period of time they have had a meteoric rise to fame with a wide global appeal resulting in significant record sales. The band's career took off after they made a powerful debut at Iceland's famous Airwaves Music Festival in 2012 and subsequently received heavy radio promotion on the country's premier rock station.

Their 2014 single 'All the Pretty Girls' garnered an astonishing 87 million streams on Spotify and this led to them being signed by Atlantic Records who persuaded the band to relocate to the US. From the band's new headquarters in Austin, Texas the group embarked on a number of tours and steadily built up a US fan base.

With influences drawn from from folk and delta blues the band's sound is defined by the frequent use of a resonator guitar sound giving their music a distinctivly earthy feel. The band have had numerous gold and platinum releases across the globe with sales being buoyed by the band's music frequently appearing in top TV shows and films as well being featured in numerous adverts and computer game soundtracks.