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Basic Bilal Hassani 03:18
Les gens heureux Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur 03:00
Roi Bilal Hassani 02:57
Il ou Elle Bilal Hassani 02:48
Transfert Trottinette Bilal Hassani 02:39
Je danse encore Bilal Hassani 03:14
Tout est Ok Bilal Hassani 02:59
Amen Moi Bilal Hassani 03:21
Transfert Trottinette Bilal Hassani 02:39
Jaloux Bilal Hassani 02:55

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- Bilal Hassani


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Bilal Hassani at Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains (April 5, 2023)
Metz, France

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Born to Moroccan parents in Paris, France on September 9, 19999, Bilal Hassani is a pop singer who garnered attention on the television program The Voice Kids in 2015 and went on to perform on the show Destination Eurovision, which was held to select France's entry in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. He won with the song “Roi,” which he performed at the event in Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019. Bilal Hassani’s musical journey began at the age of 5 when his family noticed his singing talents and had him start taking lessons. In 2015, he participated in the second season of French televised talent competition The Voice Kids but was eliminated during the battle rounds. Bilal Hassani was then hailed by the LGBT+ community for his gender-neutral style. In 2018, he appeared on Destination Eurovision in hopes of moving on to the Eurovision Song Contest. Bilal Hassani’s song, “Roi,” won the competition and it became France’s entry into Eurovision. While he did not win, the single was streamed millions of times on social media and reached Number 1 on the French Singles chart. His social media accounts helped promote songs such as “Shadows,” “Queer Is the New Black,” and “I'm Falling in Love With a Hetero!”. Bilal Hassani released his debut album, Kingdom, in April 2019, and reached Number 24 on the French Albums chart. He followed his debut with 2020’s Contre soirée (Number 36) and 2022’s Théorème (Number 43).