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Yakışıklı KÖFN, Simge 02:26
Aşkın Olayım Simge 04:11
Öpücem Simge 04:15
Miş Miş Simge 03:12
Yankı Simge 04:25
Görmem Böylesini Sefo, Simge 03:12
Aşkın Olayım Simge 04:22
Harcandıkça Simge 02:47
Bir Şehri Sevmek Mavi Gri, Ozan Bayraşa, Simge 03:15
Sevmek Yüzünden Simge 03:39

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Turkish pop singer Simge Sağın was born on August 8, 1981, in Şişli, Istanbul. The daughter of a mother of Albanian descent and a musician father from Amasya, she began playing guitar at age 12 and later studied Turkish classical music at the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory. After serving as a background vocalist for the likes of Gülşen, Yaşar, and Serdar Ortaç, Simge met producer Erdem Kınay, who worked with her on her 2011 debut EP, Yeni Çıktı. Although the EP didn't perform as expected (mainly due to a lack of promotion from her label), it did help her gain some recognition by winning the Best Newcomer category at the Pal FM Awards. In the following years, Simge kept performing as a solo act and returned to the spotlight in September 2014 with the release of the single "Bip Bip," which proved much more successful than any of her previous outings. It was followed a year later by the massive hit "Miş Miş," a Turkish version of Riff Cohen's "Dans Mon Quartier" that stayed atop the Türkçe Top 20 for a total of four weeks. The song earned Simge numerous accolades and was one of the most listened-to songs on streaming platforms in 2015. Over the next few years, she established herself as a bona fide hitmaker with singles such as "Yankı" (2016) and "Üzülmedin mi?" (2017), both of which cracked the Top 5 on the local charts. The latter was included in her 2018 studio debut, Ben Bazen, which also contained the chart-topping single "Öpücem." Subsequent releases like "As Bayrakları" (2019), "Sevmek Yüzünden" (2021), "Kısaca" (2022), and "Ne Güzel" (2022) finished cementing her reputation as one of the biggest names in Turkish pop as she continued to work on a follow-up to her first album. In 2022, the non-album single "Prens & Prenses" (originally released in 2017) entered the Turkish Top 100 at Number 73.