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We'll Never Have Sex Leith Ross 01:39
I'd Have to Think About It Leith Ross 02:30
For Now Leith Ross 04:00
(You) On My Arm Leith Ross 04:05
Tommy Leith Ross 03:23
Coming Back to Me Leith Ross 03:57
Music Box Leith Ross 04:25

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To Learn, More

- Leith Ross


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Born on June 9th, 1998 and raised in Ottawa, Canada, indie-folk balladeer Leith Ross first began writing songs at the age of 12 and after first stepping out on the scene in 2020 has been quietly causing a stir with their tender-hearted confessionals. The "Everyone I've Never Met" single helped to establish them as a singer-songwriter with an interest in the human condition and paved the way for the sublime Motherwell EP, released later that year. Taking inspiration from touchstones as diverse as Lucinda Williams, Dolly Parton, Disney movie soundtracks, and High School Musical, they continued their musings on love, life, and relationships with 2021 single "I'd Have to Think About It", followed by 2022 effort "We'll Never Have Sex".